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  1. I'm guilt of it in the past. You got to go, you have to go. Now my luck has been the wind blowing it back at me
  2. Used in great shape older model with tool tubes I just gave it to a friend $85 plus shipping (I'm near portland if you want to pick up) obo Love it but I have a choas, valdez, cilo 30, 40, and 60 and it needs some use photos at mountianproject
  3. I third the cilogear 30L. I have a 40b nwd and I got a standard 30L that is now becoming my favorite pack. If it does not fit I don't take it, but you can fit a lot in it.
  4. If the screamers are available I'll take them!
  5. I got a pair of those mountain trainer low tops and really like them
  6. My last hood climb was mid December and it was really cold and windy. I have been watching the weather this month and don't think I will go up until it gets much better.
  7. Agreed. Most of us have done stupid ass shit and by the grace of God survived. Let's hope that is the case for these missing climbers and hikers. Very true, Hope this turns out to be an epic and not a tragedy. Godspeed alpinists
  8. I thought they impregnated the leather with silicon or something that is like a DWR and wears off after time. My first Nepals I never treated and they worked fine. My second pair that I used more often started to "wet out" and I treated them. I would wait until they wet out.
  9. Make sure the regular hero naked model is the hero2 and not just the hero. hero2 has more resolution and features
  10. boots GREAT SHAPE only used once though slightly too small for me and I ended up going with the phantom guides. $200 shipped or pick up near salem a bit cheaper say $175? sabertooth pro non stainless with anibots used once $110 shipped SOLD
  11. I have been looking for one for a long time used due to cost. I have the newer NWalpine spiderlight hoody but prefer the larger grid fleece for winter. thanks GOT ONE thanks (straight from PG for 99 shipped)
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