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  1. Any fans of paddling here?

    I recommend if you do get a PFD, it be yellow in color. Most other colors tend to look dark in the water and are hard to spot.
  2. Where are they now??

    Where'd Arch go?
  3. Favorite Snack Food while on the Mountain

    Gummies FTMFW
  4. Obummer vs Trumpit

    They're being shipped to Burma. They have a Muslim problem.
  5. [TR] Talkeetna Mountains AK - Bomber Traverse 4/22/2016

    Nice work. I <3 the 'keets.
  6. 2016 Mariners Whining Thread

    guess they won't be using that any longer.
  7. 2016 Mariners Whining Thread

    Cubs or Tribe?

    that'll be 8 bucks please
  9. any jerks wanna fight?

    don't make me get all up in yo grill
  10. Alaska Range Weather Resources

    here: http://www.mountainweather.com/index.php?page=alaska_weather
  11. i never wished a man dead...

    Because that sure as hell can't be fo' rizzle. Can it?
  12. i never wished a man dead...

    There is one blowhard who I wouldn't mind seeing falling over dead.
  13. Remember?

    Make Spray Great Again
  14. Rugged Outdoorsman

  15. Rugged Outdoorsman

    Yea. No heart punch here.