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  1. Serenity

    West Pole Brand

    Hey - who was that funny female artist who used to do the little cartoon sketches for Climbing magazine. She was always cracking on North Face with her West Pole Brand sketches. Thanks, and here's a free nut-punch to use on yourself! :: baa
  2. Serenity

    A hefty

    Turkey Day NUT PUNCH for each and every one of you. Gobble-gobble!
  3. Serenity

    Kandahar Kountdown

    Sobo - I'd worry more about burning trash toxins than the Taliban. If you have any questions send me a PM. I spent Dec 2004-Nov 2010 in Afghanistan. Good times!!
  4. ALL adult age males need to register for mandatory military service. The draft needs to be reinstated. Period - end of story. The days of war being an abstraction because you KNOW you won't have to go, therefore you do not need to invest yourself need to come to an end. When everyone has the potential to be slaughtered equally then perhaps wiser decisions regarding wars and lives will lead to rapid endings to Imperial Dreams.
  5. Your Bohemian ethic requires readjustment. Grab a double tall latte, and get over to that climbing wall now!
  6. Serenity

    CC.com Turns 11

    The KTK will continue to mock your efforts. Happy 11th B-Day jag-offs.
  7. I remember that as being pretty flat, but the keyhole route is a hellava lot of fun.
  8. Any man that kills his own infant son, and is convicted of it, on a guilty plea is worthless in my eyes. Being a father changes the world in many ways, and those that harm children deserve no mercy or acclaim.
  9. Former CC.com NUT KRUSHING spray power has been transferred to Poseidon temporarily to raise world awareness about the evils of nuclear power, a supreme alliance with Allah to raise oil prices so that the chosen people of Arabia can have more cars and bigger palaces. Smarten up!
  10. The retard level is off the chart over there. Come to think of it, the retard level of whoever decided that burning Qurans was a good idea, wasn't exactly a bright star in the universe of common sense decision making. Personally I think we should close the door and throw away the key on the Middle East/SW Asia before we waste any more blood and treasure. If we REALLY wanted .99 gas we'd just take it, and quit playing silly phuck-phuck games.
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