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  1. Even with a IGC file of exact flight path, I think it would be next to impossible to locate the contraband. Depending on above the ground altitude and wind velocity, it would be extremely difficult to even approximate there they landed. If indeed they were drugs and not cash or other stuff, your best bet would be use of a trained dog/s.
  2. Colfax ice

    I saw some pics from a few days ago, and from a distance a couple of lines look to be forming well. This is perfect time of the year to do them, as they usually get buried by mid winter snow.
  3. Need a new camera

    Panasonic Lumix LX100. Big (MFT) sensor, Leica F1.7 lens. Shoots RAW, has EVF (Sony RX100 does not have EVF, which makes it impossible to shoot in bright conditions). Has actual dials, which allow to shoot with your gloves on. ATM it's the best compact camera on the market. Also there is a thread on the lens, and you can use filters.
  4. Cable Car haters

    Still waiting for the promised article. Judging by the developing time frame I find the initial reports stated by S2S management and repeated by RCMP harder and harder to believe. It simply is not adding up.
  5. Cable Car haters

    99.9% in crimes of this sort there is a motive. What would it be here? First of all, most of explosives used in mining would not be up to task. I would suggest looking at books of S2S corporation. Either they owed money to mob, or they were going under. Shit like that is not random and is not vandalism.
  6. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    Still waiting.........
  7. Cable Car haters

    Actually there are specific devices (directional charges), that would do the job quick. However these things are not for sale in your local Canadian Tire. Kind of interesting that almost 1 month after alleged crime, there is still zero evidence presented, zero follow up by RCMP, and no promised article was published so far.
  8. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    Still waiting for the article.......I think your credibility is dwindling down by day.
  9. Cable Car haters

    Funny how it all unfolded. Within first 12 hours RCMP repeated unproven statements from GM of S2S about cable being cut, subsequently followed by almost 3 weeks of total blackout or any update. S2S presented zero proof, and the statement was generated before any actual inspection or investigation could take place. Most of experts, who work with cranes or lifts stated, that cutting a 5cm cable with a regular grinder or similar tool, under this level of load could most likely lead to severe injury or even death. There are methods, but it would take a high degree of knowledge and preparation to execute something like this. Hence the theory of "vandalism" would be totally bogus. If indeed a cable was cut, it would take planning and knowledge and it would be a targeted operation, not a couple of drunks thinking it would be fun.
  10. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    well, think again. Just during one crankwoks there were 87 bikes reported as stolen in Whistler. Say average cost would be 2.5k, which gives you $215500. That is one week! There was one bait bike sting, and two guys were caught with almost 50 bikes in rented u-haul right outside of Squamish. Why steal cars, when you can make money easier, when stealing high end mtn bikes. My adise- don't bring your mtn bike to Whistler or Squamish for overnight stay.
  11. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    Squamish RCMP is a bunch of fucktards. 3 years ago there was a burned van found, with a body in it, and they stated they were investigating that as a crime, but no charges have been filed so far. As the matter of fact, they could not even establish ID of the guy. There are literally hundreds of thousands worth of bikes stolen in Squamish every year. And yet, in last 10 years, there were two prosecutions for bike theft. Yes, that is right- TWO!. So sorry if I am sceptical about whole cable thing,, because looks like to me Squamish RCMP knows two things- jack and shit, and jack left town.
  12. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    How is the investigation going? Pretty weird to have a bunch of shit to say in the first 24 hours, and a complete silence for 7 days after.
  13. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    It was cut- how exactly? Stick to geology, Not saying it was it was not. Calling bullshit on RCMP statements without any proof. Also saying that the person cutting would have to have knowledge and it would take some planning- not an act of vandalism, but rather someone had beef with gondola. I don't think you have even a faintest idea how a cable like this looks like, and what would happen, if you started to use something like a grinder, while sitting on tower.
  14. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    Cable like that has strands. In order for this exact sectorial to happen, you would have to cut though at least a couple- completely. The moment you would cut though a single strand , it would start unravelling, while spinning wildly. You can't run away from it, as you would be sitting on a narrow beam of a tower. The only way not to play a russian roulette would be using something like Dioplex. But you would be hard pressed to find it at Canadian Tire. There is a pic of a setup to cut through 50mm rebar. Probably would work on a cable under such tension. There is basically a cold chisel inside, that is impacted by a charge. Shit like this is not random and would not be an act of vandalism. It would take planning, and some pretty good knowledge of were and how.
  15. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    If, and it is big if the cable was cut, we will have to see. Cutting a 50mm cable with a grinder would be hazardous to cutter's health or life. Most likely that person or persons would have to use an explosive.