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  1. OK, here goes. Years and years ago I was at Banks Lake area. At the end of the trip, we spotted these climbs. I honestly don't remember exact location, but they were to the West and I think positioned in East-West, facing North. What are they? guidebook description did not match any of these.
  2. Absolutely disagree. Good guy? He openly expressed white supremacy views in his later life. Would that make him a "good guy"? I have met him several times in the 90's- both climbing and at the OR trade shows. Not the friendliest of encounters. Ask Allan Kearny about his encounter with Bridwell in Patagonia.
  3. "Intravenous"- someone should do a direct finish For Aint over motherfuckers I can loan warthogs to whoever wants to repeat that rig. Big prize in the range should be NE face of Triumph
  4. I don't think either place has any quality local rock climbing. Personally I would rather consider Cody area, but probably Mazama could be also a good choice. In any case, something to consider for future is how much snow shoveling for months you want to do if you are in your late 70's or 80's?
  5. Generally there is much more snow this year, compared to the past 4 or 5 seasons, and summer temps so far are mostly below average. A couple of teams went up N ridge, from which you can extrapolate C/D is doable on the way down. On the approach to Forbidden last week, snow was pretty firm, or downright hard in places till about 9 am, and complete slop by the afternoon/evening. With higher altitude I would think this window would extend to 10 or 11, so early start and move fast.
  6. Check AAJ, which free, online. Most of FA's would be reported there and probably the most comprehensive source of info.
  7. Ask OffWhite. He put up a climb somewhere in a vicinity long time ago.
  8. Great position, views are spectacular, rock not as solid as Bugs, but not bad. I would feel comfortable doing the whole thing with fivetennies approach shoes. For a solid 5.9 climber it will be mostly a scramble, with short sections of climbing. Enjoyed it a lot. Crux were 2 steam crossings, particularly the second one from the bottom.
  9. Trip: Forbidden - East Ridge Trip Date: 07/15/2020 Trip Report: A classic ridge scramble, with about 40 ft of real climbing (on the whole route). There is still a ton of snow, so crampons and ice axe pretty much a must in the morning. East Ledge descent- Raps have good slings, ledges are snow free. Two stream crossings are the crux of the trip. Due to amount of snow, the water volume is still really high. Gear Notes: A small set of stoppers, single set of cams , doubles in finger size (yellow and orange TCU's), one 60m half rope, lots of slings (bring at least 4 double length. Approach Notes: snow is down to tree line in the basin.
  10. Even with a IGC file of exact flight path, I think it would be next to impossible to locate the contraband. Depending on above the ground altitude and wind velocity, it would be extremely difficult to even approximate there they landed. If indeed they were drugs and not cash or other stuff, your best bet would be use of a trained dog/s.
  11. I saw some pics from a few days ago, and from a distance a couple of lines look to be forming well. This is perfect time of the year to do them, as they usually get buried by mid winter snow.
  12. Panasonic Lumix LX100. Big (MFT) sensor, Leica F1.7 lens. Shoots RAW, has EVF (Sony RX100 does not have EVF, which makes it impossible to shoot in bright conditions). Has actual dials, which allow to shoot with your gloves on. ATM it's the best compact camera on the market. Also there is a thread on the lens, and you can use filters.
  13. Still waiting for the promised article. Judging by the developing time frame I find the initial reports stated by S2S management and repeated by RCMP harder and harder to believe. It simply is not adding up.
  14. 99.9% in crimes of this sort there is a motive. What would it be here? First of all, most of explosives used in mining would not be up to task. I would suggest looking at books of S2S corporation. Either they owed money to mob, or they were going under. Shit like that is not random and is not vandalism.
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