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  1. Beacon

    If you had to choose your favorite climb at Beacon, what would it be? Young Warriors.
  2. Please define "contrived"?????

    If anybody want to tackle this. In the context of climbing. I would say if you can reach it, it’s on. Correct? If you say climb this but don’t use this hold or that. That would be contrived???
  3. Paging Polish Bob

  4. Beacon

    Beacon will open soon (hopefully). What climb will you climb first? Me.....most likely Young Warriors.
  5. Ozone sat?

    Looking for a climbing partner for this coming sat. Weather looks good. Possibly explore new area? Kevin
  6. Beacon

    Where is that Steve?
  7. Beacon

    Fuck the police?
  8. DOM vs Sex Shaming

  9. Beacon

    Fuck the birds.
  10. DOM vs Sex Shaming

    Happy birthday Eddie Van Halen.
  11. Obummer vs Trumpit

    But bad for human life.
  12. DOM vs Sex Shaming

    Go Blazers.
  13. Van Halen

    What has happened to them? I think they would be great if they all went on tour. Of course this will never happen due to ego but wouldnt it be great. Dave and Sammy could take turns singing. Fuck yeah
  14. Beacon

    6 million views. Holy cow!
  15. Farside or Dropzone

    It has come time to decide on a name. Should we call it what the original developers called it or the second wave developers re-named it? Original developers…….Drop Zone Second wave dev……….Farside
  16. Farside or Dropzone

    Kevinzone......I like it.
  17. Van Halen

    Van Halen forever. Chances they will record more music? I say 30%.....bummer.
  18. Farside or Dropzone

    Best thread of 2016 and 15 and 14 and 13.
  19. I am happy to help with bolt replacement.
  20. Beacon

    Lol.....yes 35 is a new route. Nice and easy. Go give it a try
  21. Beacon

    Put up another new route at ozone. Start on heaven ledge and climb up and right to an obvious ledge. Step back left and up past 3 bolts. Holy Diver 5.8 mixed gear and 3 bolts.
  22. Beacon

    I put a new route up at ozone. Starts on top of Heaven ledge. Up and right yout will see a bolt. 3 bolts and pro gets you to the top. Do it with stairway to heaven and it makes a long pitch. 70 m rope barely gets you down. 10-......called highway to hell.
  23. Beacon

    Beacon is open. Climbed the corn on sunday with my wife. Had the place to ourselves.