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  1. This song is stuck in my head...
  2. sobo

    CC.com Turns 11

    Wow, where has the time gone...???
  3. Mark (or is it Mike? It's been a long time...), see this thread.
  4. Wes, It was the entire column. Here's a photo of the aftermath. Route destruction is evident in center frame. You can still see the big slab/boulder that is the belay spot below Thriller Pillar, where a large portion of the debris hit. Photo is courtesy of Larry Nevers Jr. (apeman). I smell a new crack FA (or a serious stem ) behind the fallen column in about three weeks when WDFW opens the area back up again. Who's gonna nab it...??? "Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines..."
  5. I smell a Dirty Sanchez I've smelled that smell before...
  6. Confirmed. SM (5.10a) and PoC (5.11b) are no more...
  7. Note that the Royal Columns area is closed as of last Friday for a month due to rockfall. Plenty of other places to climb in the NF Tieton River canyon... WDFW press release
  8. Wes, Nothing new to add that the WDFW release doesn't already say, but mebbe if Larry would come down out of the orchard and drive around the corner, he could tell us which route(s) fell down... Larry Nevers..??? Nevers??? Nevers??? Nevers??? (in Ferris Bueller's econ teacher's accent...)
  9. Well, it looks like it won't happen, but I appreciate the fact that you'd volunteer to help if something were to actually go down. And yes, I am well, and well off. Those 3+ years in AFG and KSA did wonders for me mentally, professionally, and financially. Just nothing climberingly...
  10. Nastia! You're still playing in this little sandbox! How nice.
  11. John and Daniel, Thanks for the "welcome home" wishes! Doesn't look like y'all do RopeUps anymore. Bumma...
  12. sobo

    Sobo's Updates...

    Herr ZZ and 5K: Thanks for the "welcome home" wishes. It sure is good to be back here. I guess I should change my location back to the Oklahoma Dustbowl of WA again, eh?
  13. sobo

    Sobo's Updates...

    That's a no-go, NOLSE. I'm back stateside now, since late-June. Spent 9 months in KSA after leaving AFG - been in Jeddah since September 2014. All done overseas now. WTF are you doing over there, anyway? Teaching those fat, lazy, arrogant Arabs X-fit???
  14. Any chance at a RopeUp 2015, oly??? I'm back in the States now and would really like to get out for some casual climbing and drinking with friends before the snow flies (since I haven't climbed any since before I left for Afghanistan way back in 2012).
  15. You were looking at Spoil Ill. Do a search for Joe Puryear's (R.I.P.) site - you could prolly find a link for it here on CC.com using the search function. Once you find his site, you'll likely find any beta he had on it. I've been outta the country for the past several years, so I don't know if Joe's widow took the site down or if Stoney Richards is keeping it up.
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