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  1. Laurel Fan

    Saddened, my condolences to her friends and family
  2. Good reuse of a half rack container
  3. Anybody know the name of the route that leads up to Banana Peel from the Chief parking lot? I think it's a two or three pitch moderate route? If I recall, there were actually a couple of lines. Thanks!
  4. Just had to give props where props are due
  5. I'd wondered what had happened. It's gripping reading. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Climbing Accident in the Gorge?

    Two different accounts, Yak Herald reports a 15' fall. KIRO and KUOW report a 60' fall. http://www.yakimaherald.com/home/1238059-8/tacoma-woman-hurt-in-climbing-accident-west-of
  7. best of cc.com Friction is stranger than truth

    Feelin' the need to bring Uncle Tricky back
  8. Seattle Pubclub

    Next time
  9. Tieton Tent Theft

    Probably five or six years ago our neighbor's tent got sotlen, a brand new Bibler he was taking up to Alaska. Ever since then I've used a POS tent cragging and taken anything valuable like a sleeping bag with me. Hope karma comes down on the theif
  10. Where are the easy trad leads? <5.7

    There are two new routes to the left of Hand Jive on the Green Wall at Vantage. As you beging hiking up the trail to the Mesa (trail to the Sunshine Wall) look for chain anchors off to the left of the trail. Not sure of the grade, but prob in the 5.6 - 5.7 range. Untill there's more traffic on the route, they'll remain dirty, so be sure to wear a helmet anywere at the base. Back at Zig Zag wall are prob five or six easyish routes. Lady in Red and Tank Trap at the far left end and a few others closer to the right end. Watch out of poison oak and again wear a helmet around here. On the Sunshine Wall are Crack in the Back, Seven Virgins and a Mule (you will need to build an anchor at the top of this one) and Chapstick next to the gulley.
  11. Where are the easy trad leads? <5.7

    The roadside crags along Icicle Creek Road near Leavenworth aren't the most interesting but there's lots in that range. - Mountaineers Dome - Lower Clamshell - Mad Meadows / Playground Point - Barney's Rubble - Bruces Boulder - Alphabet Rock There's always the Index classic, the Great Northern Slab. It's 3 pitches. The second is a beautiful twin crack that will gobble up gear. The third is a half pitch of bolts. Variations to the right of the first pitch will bump it up a notch or two. There are sea walls along the waterfront in South Everett that are good for plugging gear. Just drive west past Forest Park to the water, cross the train tracks, and pack out your beer bottles and trash when you leave
  12. FS: leader's pack, $25