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Who did what this weekend?


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I got out - did you?




"zip2.jpg"... show us the rest!


Is this near a set of train tracks?


It was nothing big.

I hiked in to the Cheeks and practiced some aid on the only dry rock that was within my ability. Zipper Pitch 1. Satyed low in the corner and enjoyed adult beverages until it seemed unwise to continue climbing. I then had a great bivy/party in the Bowels cave. Got up Sunday morning aided back up, cleaned the TR anchor and then down aided and shlepped my 50# pack and hungover self back to the car. Fun times!

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yes kinda, but not near bellingham bay.


What do you know!?! :[]


Tyson: I thought this looked like the crack down by the tracks in larabee. Sounds like you had a good adventure.



Spent Saturday with the wife skiing at Baker. It was great. Spent Sunday nursing a cold and getting ready for today.

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Not only did I drive all the way to Seattle for Crusher's slide show on Desert Towers, at the gym in Olympia I finally ticked the blue tape problem and found a new project: the white tape problem!


And hey, it was a tough day on Saturday, very cold conditions in the Feathered Friends back room...



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If there was ever a weekend to drop everything and ski, this was it. So. Much. Powder.


I had the time of my life, but one of the highlights was watching my wife start to get the hang of powder skiing on her first massive powder day.


My evil plot to get her addicted to the same kind of fine white powder I've been hooked on all of my life seems to have born fruit.



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