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  1. Snow snow snow

    I heard they were expecting 4-inches at Stevens pass this weekend, but that's on top of zero. Crystal mountain will have a couple easy/moderate runs open
  2. Snow snow snow

    According to NOAA Snoqualmie pass is forecast to receive snow by the weekend. Maybe not a ton of snow right away, but...
  3. Climbs on Whitehorse

    Skiing the north side could be good. We climbed that side long before skiing stuff like that was hip. If you hit conditions right it could be good, but I remember wading through bowling ball sized chunks of hardened snow.
  4. Snow snow snow

    Unfortunately I see lots of rain in the forecast, even up near Mt Larrabee.
  5. Glacier Peak Advice

    These days the most common route is via the White Chuck Basin. It's a long truck but not bad. Scrambling with snow and an ice ax are nice until you get below the Cool Glacier. From below the glacier until the summit snow/glacier condition are present You'll have to make a judgement on what you're comfortable with. It's fairly standard glacier climbing but weather and conditions can change or move in.
  6. Skis for Denali

    In the 90s I had some silvretta bindings that could connect to climbing boots. Not sure what the modern equivalent would be https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/0212/12/silvretta-404-ski-bindings-barely_1_69d42fdb12694bff63f74097a4342fa8.jpg I took them as far as the football field on Denali and skied slopes above when we were hanging out at the camp. Taking a setup that far was worth it.
  7. Dutch Harbor ski info

    Post a TR if you go. The closest I've been is Mount Cain http://www.mountcain.com/ and Shames Mountain http://www.mymountaincoop.ca/mountain/about-shames-mountain Those places were/are awesome
  8. Great pictures! Sir Donald is a great climb. Skiing in that cirque is great in the winter/spring too.
  9. Secret spot on the river http://ropewiki.com/File:Breitenbush_River_(South_Fork_North_Fork)-20160708213931_pic.jpg
  10. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    Fear not. the Nodder is near.
  11. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    Is Mrs. Alden OK?
  12. We climbed the N ridge then did one or two raps on the west ridge. From there we scrambled down the remaining portion.
  13. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    Can you believe it!
  14. NW Face Forbidden - W ridge notch approach

    Back in the dark ages (1980s) we bivied at the north ridge notch then climbed up and over the next day. It's a cool climb!