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  1. [TR] El Steeple - Brudder Mikey 08/25/2018

    Good thing we did not kill each other by broken off holds. Oregonian towers is an acquired taste, do it once and never again. A note on the approach: do not follow the approach description saying "locate the tower and just hike up there" - or else you might never come back. The tower is surrounded by vertical cliffs overgrown with devils club. There is however a wooden plank arrow just off the Y-intersection where you park the car. Follow up hill in that direction until you hit the rock (loose cl. 4-5), take hard right and traverse over up to the base of the climb through the mix of rotten logs and loose scree where having an axe would be a good idea.
  2. Has anyone been up there recently and know whether the water source near Bench camp (10 min hike north) is still there or is there any snow left around the camp? TIA Anastasia
  3. 2017/18 Oregon Washington ice

    Nice! Please, report back.
  4. 2017/18 Oregon Washington ice

    Anyone been to Banks Lake? Been cold there for a while..
  5. Snow/water on Slesse

    Thanks guys! Highly appreciated.
  6. Snow/water on Slesse

    Nah, not interested in Infinite bliss, but need water on Slesse
  7. Snow/water on Slesse

    Anyone who climbed NEB via Crossover descent know what is the current situation with water sources or remaining snow? Worth bringing a stove?
  8. Nice work. What is water situation on the approach and the route?
  9. Pics / Beta on North Ridge of Stuart

    I was humbled, Dan. It was hard
  10. Pics / Beta on North Ridge of Stuart

    NR of Stuie from west face of CBR this weekend 07/10/2017:
  11. Mt. FURY - in July

    Looking for a motivated partner to climb NE buttress (first choice, condition-dependent) or the standard Fury glacier. Planning to approach via Axes creek and Luna cirque. Some time in July, I am flexible on timing. Ideally, I'd like to do a less committing objective first, alpine rock, etc. Anastasia
  12. Climb Something this Sun./Mon.?

    Juan, I am as liberal as they are bred. Ask Dan Smith. How about Rainier in a day on Monday? That should condition you all right. Anastasia
  13. self arrest video

    Czech republic. http://www.rockandice.com/weekend-whipper-video/weekend-whipper-can-you-really-stop-a-crevasse-fall
  14. Laurel Fan

    A word AUDACITY comes to mind. Not many people have it but Laurel was just that. Best of the best and gone so freaking soon. A lot of inspiring memories with this girl. So devastating. RIP Laurel. Laurel on "Landing a Monster", Trout Creek, OR: [video:vimeo]176700739 Laurel on "Goldrush", Silverton, CO. Laurel on the topout of Gibraltar Wall, Canal Flats, BC: Laurel at the sketchy icetub in Lilooett, BC: