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  1. Hood South Side TRs

    I wish I climbed something big like south side of hood. really. I do.
  2. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Ice Cliff Glacier 05/24/2020

    in the photo of you in the upper basin, roped up for glacier travel and under a couple of large ice blocks, (6th photo) what do you think they are? are they chucks of cornice that fell down? or crevasse blocks? Seems like a strange place for either.
  3. We did that climb in mid 90’s and I think we used Grajales also. They didn’t serve food back then. That food looks way better than anything I can make at home!
  4. 2020 Weekend Warrior Climbing Partner

    I wonder how many times one would need to climb GNS to call it a el cap day? maybe 20 times? there is a goal right there.
  5. 2020 Weekend Warrior Climbing Partner

    you forgot to mention the approach requirement of less than 10 minutes. downhill or maybe flat, both ways. sounds like a good trip to me.
  6. Best place to resole rock shoes

    or your footwork is 16 times better.
  7. Best place to resole rock shoes

    I sent some la sportiva shoes to tahoe gripwork and they did some great work with quick turnaround. they only do the La sport shoes though.
  8. Washington High Routes and Traverses

    sweet resource you made for us. thanks! oh the possible dreams...........
  9. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    Good thing I have a fear of falling. I can count all my lead falls on one hand, I don’t even need a thumb. This makes your advice super easy to follow.
  10. Alps 4000m speed climb attempt

    I like seano reactions. keeping it positive!
  11. Western Washington Bouldering

    in icicle canyon, the peabody, playground, ect areas are great for short kid TR's
  12. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    looks like a fair number of people have climbed it since last major snow storm?
  13. Makeshift Roofracks at the Border Xing

    not related to roof rack but some general advice for border crossing coming from an actual border guard I met once 1. always have your hands present at border. I usually keep on hand on steering wheel and other hand on window/door casually. Hiding hands is sign of hiding something else. 2.always look at border agent eyes. avoiding eye contact is another give away of hiding something. 3. just tell the truth. they look for facial signs of lies. you can not act your way out of these tells. 4. be somewhat tidy but not too tidy with gear. Look "normal". this may be your stopping point with diy roof rack but if the rest of the points followed, maybe not a real issue. 5. don't be a jack ass or Funny. duh.
  14. Letter from PMR President about CCSO

    I am not very familiar with the situation but I thought that it was more of a command and control thing. The sheriff would not be doing the rescues but command the situation and ensure proper education or something like that.
  15. [TR] Strobach - Strobach D Approach Pitch 02/09/2020

    the wood is so wet that it can be used to support the frypan over a fire and not burn?
  16. for sale Ice Equipment Sharpening and Gear Repair

    local and custom reslinging of cams would be a great niche to get into. Lots of more rock climbers around than ice climbers. Local work would incentivize more frequent sling replacement. (instead of waiting 10 years to finally get around to it) But yeah, expense and liability are a concern I bet.
  17. Dee Molenaar has passed at 101

    damn that is a well lived and long life.
  18. Moderate ice climbing, chair peak etc

    well after the upcoming nuclear winter..........ice climbing with 3 armed mutants.
  19. Moderate ice climbing, chair peak etc

    may be quicker to drive to bozeman than hike to the nearest ice.
  20. question HELP!! Small feet, can't find boots!!!

    You could always call the shop before there to see if they would into a special order before wasting your time driving there. how about feathered friends, right across from REI? if the clerks don’t give you the service you need, you can always ask for the manager. Not to bust their balls, but to get the ok for special order. may be a bit far but may save you some money is to go to Vancouver, either MEC or some other retailer.
  21. question HELP!! Small feet, can't find boots!!!

    Have you tried the American alpine institute shop in Bellingham? When I used to work there, we would carry really small to really large feet boots and def order them if needed. i find it interesting that there are shops staffed by “bruh “. The current online vs brick and mortar shop business battle, customer service for physical shops is the advantage and only saving grace. What has your experience been?
  22. question Looking for a simple altimeter watch

    do you want a barometer or GPS based altimeter watch? or both? You may not like this answer but maybe just use your smartphone for gps based altitude? Maybe you could make the display large font? some app? If you really want a watch display, maybe a iphone to iwatch app? I am with you on the small screen problem.
  23. did you need a telephoto lens to get some of those photos? Seems like dome is pretty damn close but I thought dome was light years from anything else.
  24. review Denali - Ski Boot Help

    I like my feet. Getting frostbite and losing toes is not a uncommon occurrence and not to be discounted. If the common wisdom is to use a size larger boot (assuming you can still ski without falling over which may be worse) I would suggest you follow it. It is common wisdom learned from others pain. BTW, I don't ski so my knowledge of what you are doing is Zero. But I have been to denali. We had it nice above 14K. Many others didn't It is a crap shoot so stacking the odds in your favor is always a good thing. There is a good chance of getting the skiing shut down above 14K. Are you ready to be able to hike the rest of the way in your ski boots? Very envious of skiers on the way back to the airstrip, though.
  25. [TR] Big Bear! - Brushtissima 11/11/2019

    damn near centrally located in the darring-town slabbage meca. You can see exfo dome and squire creek wall. and several other slabbages also!