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  1. What hapened with the site?

    nope, apparently all it takes to fix an issue is to ask you why it's happening! Do you offer this kind of service in other areas of life as well? Cause that could come in handy. Why is my front derailleur not working?
  2. What hapened with the site?

    Hey gents -- If I sign in to cc.com but then click any link to move to another page or view (for example if I decide to view "activity" or "forums" after I post this) I get automatically signed out. what's up with that? Or is it just set to log you out if you're inactive for a certain period of time?
  3. Nice work gentlemen, way to keep those knees oiled up and mobile. Also, I'm having the last of your leftover post-climb pizza for lunch, so thanks Marko!
  4. Bannock Mountain NE Face

    chossy, vegetated, and a long way from the road -- that sound right up your alley!
  5. best of cc.com Pictures From the Wayback Machine

    Yeah, Timson still basically looks like that too. Mutant.
  6. CC.com Traffic Decrease?

    RBW!!! well though this site has always had more than its share of jackasses, there have been many gems as well; sometimes they were even the same people. I've met many friends and climbing partners and even my charming (??) curmudgeonly husband because of this site; so I have a lot to thank it for. I met rbw through wreckdotclimbing, though; talk about the primitive pre-social media days, wow.
  7. Old Kloke Book "One Day Winter Climbs"

    ooh, ooh, if you're sending out multiple copies I'd be interested in taking a look at that too....
  8. Mount Baker Speed Record

    There is also an excellent documentary entitled The Mountain Runners (available from Seattle Public Library) about the Mt. Baker Marathon, with a cameo by our own Chad Kellogg, who hilariously referred to a guy who spent ~6 hours in a crevasse during the third marathon as "popsicle material." I particularly loved the fact that the first marathon featured guys going by train via Glacier and others by car via Deming. A guy from the Glacier side was in the lead until the returning train hit a bull and derailed, leaving him to return via buggy, horseback, and auto while wearing a bathrobe. He came in second, and as I recall the bull was grilled for the afterparty. At any rate if you can get your hands on the DVD it's worth watching.
  9. congrats you guys; looks awesome! I've been staying off cc.com since rotator cuff surgery has me sidelined 'n sedentary until ski season and hanging out here is just a little bit a bummer right now, but Ken told me about this report so I had to check it out. Killer.
  10. Heck yeah that is a nice camp spot! Gorgeous photos as always, Jason. I did those two last year as part of a loop trip with Rolf, so my photos mostly just look like this:
  11. questions Questions about new forum software?

    Yeah Jon, that's it exactly. It's the only way I ever looked at the old cc.com and it was super easy to see if there was anything new that you were interested in or not. thanks!
  12. questions Questions about new forum software?

    Is there a way to view activity by topic rather than by post that I haven't figured out yet?
  13. Thanks for reporting back! I actually thought long and hard about responding to your request and if I didn't have an aging parent I was dealing with intensively in August I might have done it; I *love* Ireland. Your partner request made me think of this story from a book by Jennifer Boylan, and in fact I had to go back and reread it to determine it wasn't actually the same island: We took a ferry to the Aran Islands and were shown an ancient fort on Inishmore by a man we called Seamus O'Twotimes because he said things like "The population here is nine hundred. Nine hundred." He was like a Celtic-fried version of a character from Goodfellas. The highlight of this tour was climbing a path to a mountain fort high above the sea, overlooking vast cliffs. Seamus O'Twotimes gleefully explained how several years earlier a Danish student had gone off the edge. "He just walked right out into space. Into space." I said to him, "Excuse me, but I have a question. This is a remarkable fort. But I was wondering, who was it the people who lived here were defending themselves against? I mean, who'd want to take over—this place? Wouldn't most warriors look at this cliff a half mile in the air at the top of an island in the middle of nowhere and just say, 'Okay, you guys can have it!' Who was it they were being attacked by?" Seamus O'Twotimes thought long and hard about this question. Then he said, "Persons such as themselves."
  14. [TR] Mount Ann - The Path of Powder 1/2/2017

    Re. current conditions: Compare and contrast snow level/coverage with Jason's photos third and fifth from bottom. (Not my photo, as usual I didn't even remember to *bring* a camera.)
  15. wow that was easy. once again thanks for the upgrade guys!