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  1. Nice! I did that back in 2017 with Chuck (RIP) along with True Grit on Vesper after another party just beat us to the base of Mile High Club. Quite enjoyable as I recall. More brushy and less snowy for us though. It certainly looks like you had more snow than R and I found in the Tatoosh on Saturday. Here's to more coverage soon!
  2. Not in her immediate future, but an option for the future instead of lead, fix, rap, TR solo would be if you could enlist a friend -- I once happily led all the pitches on Das Toof while my buddy Ken and his 10-year old followed on doubles so he could climb beside her the whole time. It was a fun day out. Also, this guy has some hilarious kiddie trip reports: https://jimherson.com/climbing/tr.html
  3. In a successful attempt to find solitude at Frenchman Coulee, went out to Running Gear Death Wall this weekend and found some new moderate bolted/mixed bolted and gear routes just to the south of the routes listed in the Yoder book. A quick look at Mountain Project didn't reveal anything; anyone have any info on these?
  4. Well next time be all internet stalker-y! It would have been great to actually meet you finally. If you ever put your own photo in your reports maybe we would have recognized you.
  5. Hey! If only I'd known. V and I ran into you as we were on the way down. We debated biking but biking that road on a road bike (my only option) with an overnight pack sounded not that fun. We did not summit as it turns out my summer of moving my mother into memory care and getting zero exercise and V's summer of mountain biking instead of hiking uphill with a pack resulted in us wisely choosing to forego the summit in favor of chilling out and reading while sitting on a rock, camping with a stellar view, picking a whole lot of huckleberries, and swimming in Silver Lake, topped off with delicious potato tacos in Lake Stevens. I can't regret it.
  6. Dang, a snowball fight AND goats AND a bear is pretty stellar. Looks like a great training outing. Beautiful area. Last time I was up on Sahale we did it in the opposite direction and once we dropped into Boston Basin we couldn't see a thing. We did have some freaking adorable baby goats at camp though.
  7. Found a nut tool on the Ingalls descent on Thursday, if it's yours and you want it back ping me with the brand etc. and it's yours again.
  8. Found a pair of pretty new rock shoes here on Sunday; ping me with the make model color size etc. and we can figure out how to get them back to you.
  9. Love that ptarmigan shot. I need to take a few leisurely trips instead of always trying to cram as much in as possible.
  10. Fryingpan Glacier was in fabulous shape on 5/30; should still be in good shape if you wanna get after it asap. Meany Crest was a nice camp:
  11. Ha! I'm reminded of a line from Jon Krakauer's Eiger Dreams where he's chatting with a young Frenchman in a bar in Chamonix, and mentions he climbed the Grand Capucin the day before. The conversations ends: "You did not solo and you did not fly?" asks the Frenchman, incredulous. "Did you not find the experience a little -- how you say in English -- banal?"
  12. at least you inspired me to go watch the Monty Python spam sketch.
  13. another stellar E$ outing. aren't you getting a little old for this kind of thing? 😉
  14. Thank you Porter for reminding me of that ancient email address I had totally forgotten about; here I am again. Lucky you.
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