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  1. Nice! Daniel is a tricky one to get without a snowmobile early in the season or carrying your skis a looong way later in the season. Looks like a stellar trip!
  2. Hood South Side TRs

    Ah, the ever popular complaining about other people's TRs. Same as it ever was. Please refer to this classic trip report responding to a classic complaint about trip reports. Then just go read everything else Uncle_Tricky ever wrote, it will keep you out of trouble and be a way more entertaining way to spend yer day than working.
  3. Trip: Corax Peak - North Face Trip Date: 07/05/2020 Trip Report: Not a single TR for this route to be found anywhere; does everyone just do the scramble to tick off their Bulger lists? Rolf and I climbed the NF of Corax Peak this weekend, 6 pitches of 5.7 starting from the left side of the chimney above the crescent shaped snowfield in the photo, going up to the ridge and thence to the summit. Mostly fun blocky ridge climbing, though the first pitch was more "interesting" as Rolf would say, featuring lichen and some loose/suspect rock and excavation of placements and some thoughtful moves. It doesn't appear that it's gotten much traffic since Rick La Belle did the FA in 1991; though of course we could have been off route. Stellar day out though and only saw three people at camp and maybe five on the trail. Gear Notes: 60 m rope, single rack to #3 Camalot Approach Notes: Libby Lake trail
  4. [TR] Banks Lake - various 06/20/2020

    Don't know about you, but I'm heading into geezer territory.
  5. [TR] Banks Lake - various 06/20/2020

    In fact, the entire state of Washington sucks. Everyone should just go back to wherever they were 20 to 30 years ago. Right? Grumpy old curmudgeons unite!
  6. High Ice movie

    I saw excerpts from that at a party once; the wife of the guest of honor introduced the film by saying, "You don't need to be a climber to appreciate how ridiculous this is, you just need a basic understanding of the laws of physics." Imagine someone flinging themselves down on a completely flat snowfield and then making progress across the snow by plunging the head of their ice ax into the snow and dragging themselves six inches at a time. It was spectacular.
  7. Trip: Banks Lake - various Trip Date: 06/20/2020 Trip Report: There is still solitude to be had if you stay away from the Icicle Creek/Frenchman's shitshow(s) -- this weekend at Banks, we literally had the entire crag to ourselves on Saturday (well, except for the two guys who drove up the coulee in an ORV, saw us climbing, said, “We can’t shoot here,” and drove away, bless them) and saw only two other parties on Sunday. Should have taken both pairs of rock shoes; it was my first time rock climbing since early February and by 5 pm yesterday I could barely stand on my feet anymore and we had to quit. Didn’t climb anything noteworthy but sooo nice to get out and breathe the desert air. Drive home was even fine except for the usual 5 – 20 mph disaster between Roslyn and Easton. I don’t understand why that particular stretch always sucks so much, but it does. Gear Notes: rope, rack, slings/draws Approach Notes: I-90 to SR 283 to SR 17
  8. A friend sent me the link to this climbing and skiing video; for your enjoyment while we're all waiting to get back out there: https://www.facebook.com/100002422883876/posts/2825174387573296/?d=n
  9. well, he's married to me, so he gets a lot of practice being understanding.
  10. I'm just happy that it happened there instead of on either of my upcoming hut trips, and with a partner who just said, "oh thank God, now we can go drink beer" instead of being pissed I ruined the day. hah.
  11. hey, I spent yesterday breaking a binding on Smithbrook Road, so you could have done worse.
  12. Letter from PMR President about CCSO

    That's exactly why I ended up getting out of mountain rescue.
  13. free Closed

    PM sent
  14. review Sewer wanted

    Please reply back with how it goes! I don't have any need for them this minute but I'm sure I will in the future.
  15. yeah, when I checked in with der Rat as to how he felt about me spending a boatload of cash on an Ikon Pass, he said would only approve if I visited my college roomie in SLC and skied there too. (That guy really abuses his powers as head of the household.) Now it looks like it might the only way to get my money's worth out of it! Might even have to do a second trip in the spring..... btw stellar photos as always, especially the Dome and Whitechuck shots.