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  1. questions Questions about new forum software?

    Yeah Jon, that's it exactly. It's the only way I ever looked at the old cc.com and it was super easy to see if there was anything new that you were interested in or not. thanks!
  2. questions Questions about new forum software?

    Is there a way to view activity by topic rather than by post that I haven't figured out yet?
  3. Thanks for reporting back! I actually thought long and hard about responding to your request and if I didn't have an aging parent I was dealing with intensively in August I might have done it; I *love* Ireland. Your partner request made me think of this story from a book by Jennifer Boylan, and in fact I had to go back and reread it to determine it wasn't actually the same island: We took a ferry to the Aran Islands and were shown an ancient fort on Inishmore by a man we called Seamus O'Twotimes because he said things like "The population here is nine hundred. Nine hundred." He was like a Celtic-fried version of a character from Goodfellas. The highlight of this tour was climbing a path to a mountain fort high above the sea, overlooking vast cliffs. Seamus O'Twotimes gleefully explained how several years earlier a Danish student had gone off the edge. "He just walked right out into space. Into space." I said to him, "Excuse me, but I have a question. This is a remarkable fort. But I was wondering, who was it the people who lived here were defending themselves against? I mean, who'd want to take over—this place? Wouldn't most warriors look at this cliff a half mile in the air at the top of an island in the middle of nowhere and just say, 'Okay, you guys can have it!' Who was it they were being attacked by?" Seamus O'Twotimes thought long and hard about this question. Then he said, "Persons such as themselves."
  4. [TR] Mount Ann - The Path of Powder 1/2/2017

    Re. current conditions: Compare and contrast snow level/coverage with Jason's photos third and fifth from bottom. (Not my photo, as usual I didn't even remember to *bring* a camera.)
  5. wow that was easy. once again thanks for the upgrade guys!
  6. Trip: Lichtenberg Mountain - Standard route from Yodelin Trip Date: 12/08/2017 Trip Report: Mostly just testing out this fancy new software. Skied Lichtenberg on Friday from Yodelin, freaking beautiful once you got above the inversion but coooold while in it. The snow up top was nice to ski though it was important to watch out for pinwheels, but between the top of the inversion and the meadows at the base conditions were....challenging. Great to get out though. Gear Notes: The usual stuff Approach Notes: More creek crossings than usual due to low coverage
  7. [TR] Mount Ann - The Path of Powder 1/2/2017

    yeah, kind of strange how lonesome considering the beat in skin track and snowshoe trails, but I'm not complaining about that! Hey, what does it mean that I have reputation of 1?
  8. [TR] Mount Ann - The Path of Powder 1/2/2017

    Thanks again to Jason for your photos; skied this yesterday and the inspiration was this very trip report. Snow conditions were not as stellar as they appear to have been here; but what an insanely nice day. Beautiful views, good company, not another soul seen after we left Austin Pass, and soooooo warm! The only time I wore a jacket all day was on the downhill.
  9. New forum software!

    Thanks Oly; the database "beta" search tool was the one item I used the most often. Thanks for all the work you're doing!
  10. Fixed that for you. Beautiful shots and rad trip; congrats you guys!
  11. Just logging in to say that Eric's wife has known him long enough to know that it's not you, it's him. He's got a tendency to be a little....optimistic about how long things will take!
  12. [TR] Mount Ann - The Path of Powder 1/2/2017

    Those certainly are some beautiful photos. I especially like the guy in full race position in the second to last photo. He is ready to GO. I assume you left from the ski area? I was skiing Kendall that day; as I recall it was pretty cold.
  13. This might be heresy, but one thing you might consider is looking at women's boots -- lots of women try/use men's ski boots but I don't think the crossover goes the other way much. Because women's calves tend to be longer and extend further down the back of the leg than men's do, women's boots are generally slightly shorter than men's boots, thus the top of the boot could be low enough not to constrict your calf muscle. I tried on many men's ski boots when I was trying to buy AT boots and they all squeezed hell out of my calves while being totally loose and sloppy in the ankle area, even at the tightest setting. I ended up with Scarpa Magics, which at the time was just about the only Dynafit compatible women's boot out there, but there are way more options now. There are also ways to use heel lift pads to make ill-fitting boots work better, but with all the options available now it seems like you should be able to find boots that actually fit.
  14. Nice work E-Money! Glad to hear the west side of the creek valley is full value; I'd hate to think you were bored on the approach.
  15. Little yellow hardman pad alert! That proves your trip is SERIOUS. (I nominate Ben for best serious expression.) You guys sure do have fun.