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  1. free Closed

    PM sent
  2. review Sewer wanted

    Please reply back with how it goes! I don't have any need for them this minute but I'm sure I will in the future.
  3. yeah, when I checked in with der Rat as to how he felt about me spending a boatload of cash on an Ikon Pass, he said would only approve if I visited my college roomie in SLC and skied there too. (That guy really abuses his powers as head of the household.) Now it looks like it might the only way to get my money's worth out of it! Might even have to do a second trip in the spring..... btw stellar photos as always, especially the Dome and Whitechuck shots.
  4. my current plan b is to spend next week skiing around SLC. here's hoping for ten days of storms while I'm away.
  5. review Sewer wanted

    I haven't used these guys (this guy?) so can't testify as to quality, but saw their flyer on the bulletin board at Vertical World: https://highmountaingearandrepair.com/
  6. I've been humbled

    To this day every time I see hello kitty I think "alpine kitty."
  7. free free carabiners

    biners are spoken for, thanks.
  8. free free carabiners

    16 old school ovals in perfectly fine condition. pick up greenwood or downtown seattle. dragon not included.
  9. free ski boots

    Scarpa Magics, 26.5. Lots of use/wear but still intact. Come with replacement buckle in case you break one. If no one wants 'em they're going to Goodwill.
  10. Beacon

    You said it ivan. Good to see everybody though!
  11. Spring Mtn

    Climbed Romantica on 6/29 with Der Rat; it was a little scruffy but cleaner than anything left of the spring—most everything over there looked pretty damn mossy, at least compared to the last time I was there, which was apparently TEN years ago. Though the boulders in the forest clearly DO get a lot of traffic though, they were scrubbed spotless and the trail that far was totally beat in. It kind of disappeared under vegetation after that.
  12. Recent Fred Beckey Sighting

    whoa. that's eerie. tahoe city seems like a nice place to be right about now.
  13. Nice, E$ -- I heard a little bit about this last night when I got home from Canadia, but as usual had to wait to read your TR for the details. Nice extra photos too—that's quite a load of garbage you guys packed out! Was that all from one site?
  14. The West Ridge of Forbidden was my second alpine rock climb and one of my most treasured epics ever! If by epic you mean an open bivy with a hot guy on a beautiful warm August night. ah youth.
  15. West Ridge of Forbidden and West Ridge of Stuart are both 5.6 and under and reasonably solid (in my memory anyway, but I climbed both many years ago), though the East Ledges descent off Forbidden would have loose rock. NE Ridge of Triumph is 5.6. Beckey Route on Liberty Bell is 5.6, plenty of loose rock but it's in the approach gully rather than on the route. Unicorn Peak in the Tatoosh is low 5th to mid-5th depending on which way you go.