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  1. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    or even better... ('cause it'sfor ealz...) I think this guy is a b'ham local...
  2. Looking for specific harness...

    So Gene: what's the "best" way to back up a rappel? prussik above the belay device? autolocking device above the belay device? Rappel deaths seem to have good "gear" solutions if you know the right gear and configuration. Dave
  3. Not to sound like a dumb-ass (oops, too late), but is that Tonasket?
  4. ah yeah, Nooksack ridge. My mistake. last winter (and for several before that) an easy crossing on a log jam.
  5. I'm not sure which crossing you're talking about... at the end of the (summer) driveable road (to get to second half of road/trail), or at the end of the trail/just before entering the cirque (to get to Price Lake/Nooksack Ridge)? At the end of the road, last winter there was a log jam immediately down the trail from the parking lot. Gets you onto a big sand bar, then (sometimes requires) another log jam to cross a braid that shows up in high water. Overall, chill. Last time I was up the trial, I saw some flagging right at the wilderness boundary sign (recently smashed by a snag and (I think) put back up) that (I think) marked a route to a snag across the Nooksack. But I can't remember that part. Know I saw some flagging. But that's only if you're trying to cross the Nooksack to get to Price Lake et al.
  6. NWAC weather graph

    Those customizations make my iphone 4 on 3G choke like NOTHIN! The original kantola graphs worked 100% of the time and quick-like.
  7. NWAC weather graph

    oh yeah! I'm following this because those graph WERE awesome, especially on a low-data phone.
  8. I think the Spring guide books ruined many hikers for many places, scaring them off with rants of rude and out-of-control bikers. I always find these places empty. Bonus.
  9. Access to Twin Sisters Range

    I haven't heard anyone talking about this issue and I bet no one is. Ignore the whole issue.
  10. self arrest video

    Good video. Sobering.
  11. bikable closed roads ?

    Not sure what your looking for (distance/days) or where your looking (basically, how far you're willing to drive) but here are some routes I have had good luck with: 1. Wells Cr Rd out of Glacier is currently gated at mile one and continues passably another... 14 (?) miles to the Cougar divide trail head. Really neat river scene at mile 4-ish, great views of Baker soon after. Zero traffic guaranteed. 2. I suggest it mostly because of its location: There's a network of USFS roads NW of Darrington I've ridden that get you into some cool forested/(and deforested) areas. Not much majestic vistas, but neat places none the less. I made a loop from Darrington clockwise along FR18 to FR 17 to the Concrete- Sauk River Rd and back to Darrington via Hwy530. 3. Smith Brook off of Steven's pass will have traffic the first 3-4 miles, but once it drops over in to Lake Wenatchee, you're golden. I'd suggest starting at Hwy2/Smith Brook, riding over to a campground in the Little Wenatchee River, then back the next day. It will be hot. Welcome to the suck. 4. Speaking of lake wenatchee, Check out the Chumstick/Maverick Saddle/Entiat ridge/Eagle creek loop. Starts near Freund Canyon (Bikes and Brews place), Heads north towards Plain, veers NE to Maveric Saddle on Entiat Ridge, south along the ridge, and back west/south to the car via Eagle creek. GREAT views of the area, long climb/descent, overall very high quality road surface, and I bet you see 10 cars off the paved portion (approx 10 miles of pavement, 35 miles dirt. 5. Ok, even one more east. The Big Hill cabin can be accessed via Entiar River Rd/Shady Pass rd, or from Lake Chelan/25 Mile Creek. Both routes involve significant grinding (though really huge terrain), but Big Hill is a pretty amazing location. Again, embrace the heat as part of the environment. Honestly, I'd suggest opening your criteria to "open rds" too. In my experience, if the road is at all remote, the traffic is minimal. Cascade River Rd is the busiest rd around, and I've ridden it (lame) and it was pretty quiet overall. I'd suggest an overnighter if this is your first bike camping trip. Its just a great way to shake down what you need and don't really need. The less I carry, the more I enjoy the ride! If you don't like smoke, consider checking the the O-W national forest website for fire info. Please report back on what you end up doing.
  12. Safe? Sure. 99% of the "falls" on a glacier just aren't falls, they're slips, and the forces involved are 1/20 those involved in even top rope climbing. Your rope won't snap. A good rope for a glacier? Doubt it. Admittedly, I've become more of a gear snob, but even a moderate size crag rope is too fat, too fuzz, too long, and primarily too heavy for a glacier rope. Safe, but not preferred. I have an old half rope (8.something by 100') that's been my glacier rope for a while now. But, as they say in tonasket, "run what ya brung."