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  1. One big magazine

    Agreed! I get all my important information about titanium sporks on cc.com....
  2. One big magazine

    Isn't there a anti-monopoly law (old school, some of the original anti-trust stuff) that forbids single owner dominance of media?
  3. Ptarmigan Traverse - Very Late Season

    sorry about the language. I'm just passionate about brushy trails.
  4. Ptarmigan Traverse - Very Late Season

    Not to mention... "closed". I'd bet it stays officially closed through the winter. Agencies are ratcheting up their closures "for public safety". But the ninja does not care. the ninja is only concerned with the flow.
  5. How are the bugs on the ptarmigan?

    Just did a trip with similar attributes: relatively high ridge running (wind); camping at high lakes; north cascades. Didn't really mind the bugs most of the time, but glad I had a meshed tent to chill in the evening. Could you get by without? sure. Is it worth the weight drop? I doubt it. You might consider how much of the night you anticipate being "out" of your sleeping bag... i was pretty warm at night even at 6800.
  6. Indeed. It will be a sad situation if we're indoors ALL summer. My suspicion is that as this rolls on longer and longer, the guidelines for being outside/getting some exercise will be more and more clear. non-improved sites are not included in the National Forest closures....
  7. Letter from PMR President about CCSO

    That's tough. Sorry to hear about that.
  8. Letter from PMR President about CCSO

    Can you provide some searchable details? Interested.
  9. part of what you pay for in an initial bar tack is the strength testing and statistical analysis/confidence margins that likely won't come from a home shop.
  10. review Denali - Ski Boot Help

    THAT is real pain... When talking about extended time at sub zero F, we shouldn't even be talking about "tight" boots. It should be "Are those boots even snug."
  11. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    101 hikes has done everyone a favor and made the Nooksack Cirque hike into a tough hike... ts not! It's flat, trailed, and all season. I guess most just aren't that adventurous.
  12. I'm a PLB guy now. Used to scoff at them, but now I just consider it an extra margin. Still need to have other safety systems in place, but when used in conjunction with a designated reporter, would significantly incrase the chance of a timely rescue.
  13. https://www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/man-survives-fall-on-cannon-mountain/article_d0691018-00d9-11ea-ae3e-f3ca92f639cf.html
  14. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    or even better... ('cause it'sfor ealz...) I think this guy is a b'ham local...
  15. Looking for specific harness...

    So Gene: what's the "best" way to back up a rappel? prussik above the belay device? autolocking device above the belay device? Rappel deaths seem to have good "gear" solutions if you know the right gear and configuration. Dave