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  1. for sale Crash pad $80 obo

    Live in Shoreline (WA) and work near Renton, so anywhere in between
  2. for sale Crash pad $80 obo

  3. free Free random books

    Pick and choose. I can meet basically anywhere between Shoreline and Renton. They're all going to Goodwill or recycling in a few days otherwise. Salud! Mark
  4. sold! Baturas 42.5 $200 obo

  5. for sale Crash pad $80 obo

  6. Good on ya for the early season adventuring! So, 'beaks' as in birdbeaks?
  7. for sale Crash pad $80 obo

    A bit dusty but perfect shape otherwise. Very little use. Mad Rock 3' x 4' x 5" open. Folds up for insta-couch. Basically this one: Mad Pad – Mad Rock Climbing
  8. sold! Baturas 42.5 $200 obo

    Very low miles, no rips or significant abrasions. Seattle
  9. for sale BD C4 Camlot #4

    Sent a pm
  10. That there is the truth, amigo!
  11. This is true for this route and for the traverse. If not easier exactly... definitely funner!
  12. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    Way to snag more of that sweet Snoqualmie mixed!