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  1. Mostly carry them up and down crappy scrappy scratchy routes in the winter
  2. Howdy Dane, Just the shallow angle jobbers.
  3. Went up NE Buttress, right hand gully start. Lotta loose snow over rock everywhere, but enough ice to get up the steep bit. Even placed 2 good screws. It looked much the same as Kyle's pic above.
  4. That there is an honest start to your season!
  5. That's some Alpineezering, Girl! Maybe a calendar in the works?
  6. Live in Shoreline (WA) and work near Renton, so anywhere in between
  7. Braaaaaaaappp
  8. Pick and choose. I can meet basically anywhere between Shoreline and Renton. They're all going to Goodwill or recycling in a few days otherwise. Salud! Mark
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