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  1. Good shape, inners not packed out, toe area widened a bit. Removable tongue stiffener. No insoles (keeping my spendy insoles). Stay frosty! Mark
  2. Too small, dang. Nearly new condition. Seattle. Salud! Mark
  3. High Ice movie

    We have been trying to purge our souls of this terrible atrocity. Once again the door to the crypt has been opened. What happens next is on your head, Grasshopper.
  4. [TR] Mt Index - Hourglass Gully 06/05/2020

    Thanks for the TR bellow; brilliant idea
  5. [TR] Mt Index - Hourglass Gully 06/05/2020

    Ya Mike, I was remembering the same trip! Across the valley we saw the frozen Waterway route fall down as I recall.
  6. wanted to buy Haul bag

    Any size (preferably med to large) Any condition (almost) Thanks!
  7. Denali Winter show on Youtube live

    Are you the Andy Kirkpatrick, posting on this backwater board? Assuming yes, over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your words about your adventures!
  8. F'n brilliant!
  9. for sale Climbing gear

    I just messaged you re: the haul bag
  10. Boots: $150 OBO Crampons: Well used but very serviceable Camp aluminums, $30 Mark Seattle - Tukwila
  11. $350 OBO Mark Seattle - Tukwila
  12. free Thanks!

  13. Damn straight, it is totally worth it to me that you carry your photo kit everywhere, thanks!
  14. Well done! Careful, or you're gonna get hooked on those climbs back there...
  15. It should be noted that the Rat exudes casual when the climbing isn't. And I think your assessment of climbing is spot on!