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  1. Damn straight, it is totally worth it to me that you carry your photo kit everywhere, thanks!
  2. Well done! Careful, or you're gonna get hooked on those climbs back there...
  3. It should be noted that the Rat exudes casual when the climbing isn't. And I think your assessment of climbing is spot on!
  4. Ya indeed; the above pic was from Saturday. We expected a conga line going up it!
  5. Of course, a small token for loaning out your man!
  6. Actually I think we only used the brown (field) one, but used it 2 or 3 times. We definitely brought pinko though!
  7. Trip: Snoqualmonix - Pineapple Express Trip Date: 03/30/2019 Trip Report: Another lap on it w/ Rolf. Thinnish ice down low but well adhered to the rock and more quantity than expected. The upper NYG pitch was quite dry. Still a very fun outing for this late in the season. It was a GroundUp-TeamFree-SmashAnGrab redpoint our sponsors (Geritol and Dr. Scholl's) would like to point out. No good pics on the route so I included a shot of the start of last year's instant classic, the Turf Testament... --I'd like to add a recommendation to rap after the 4th pitch since the traverse to NYG is a bit tedious, but more importantly the turf on the last pitch of NYG is not frozen. We had to be very careful not to damage it. Gear Notes: Don't forget the Tricams. Approach Notes: Need younger knees.
  8. [TR] mt. kent - north face 03/05/2019

    Nice; kicking, stabbing, AND wallowing. It's all anyone needs.
  9. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 01/27/2019

    There’s also a fun spicier start just around to the right of the buttress toe. A bit Scottishy and turfy.
  10. for sale RAB Haedshell Jacket and pants

    Howdy, I'd like to take a look at these. This evening good?
  11. Howdy, How does $60 cash sound? I'm in Seattle, can p/u anytime after work (7pm).
  12. FWIW, years ago Colin and I accessed the buttress from the east with good snow cover and it was cake. I'll check my notes to see what time of year that was.
  13. [TR] Dragontail - TC 05/01/2018

    On 4/22 NW face route between Backbone and Serpentine was quite dry, too.
  14. kukuzka1, his brother, and I were Team Motrin on an Alaska trip a few years back; I think graduating to Team Centrum Silver is appropriate!