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  1. for sale BD C4 Camlot #4

    Sent a pm
  2. That there is the truth, amigo!
  3. This is true for this route and for the traverse. If not easier exactly... definitely funner!
  4. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    Way to snag more of that sweet Snoqualmie mixed!
  5. Nicely done lads; when this rig is in you gotta get on it! Also, thanks for the above; I'm sick and fucking tired of reading in ANAM about people rapping off the ends of their fucking ropes. I make knotting the ends the fucking default, and better have a good fucking reason for not fucking knotting. Fuck. Also, also, go get the traverse!
  6. Pink, Red, Brown, and Purple. The go-to winter rack!
  7. Sweet; way to sniff out another fine adventure in our back yard!
  8. Trip: The Mighty Tooth - Regular Trip Date: 01/17/2021 Trip Report: Took a spin up The Mighty w/ a lad from work for his first mixed climb. Mixed as in slush and rock, with just a hint of ice. Oh man, if it gets cold before it dumps again... Gear Notes: Tricams Approach Notes: Separate cars, slowshoes
  9. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    Went for a ski by Chair Pk today; ne butt looks great, particularly the 1st pitch variation between the normal shallow gully on the left and the ā€˜sā€™ gully on the right. The goulotte just around the corner on the right looked sporty w more snow than ice. N face has lots of snow cover. The ski down to snow lake was wind buffed with islands of exposed hard icy crust. Almost zero powder. oh, skied up summer trail at 9am and encountered 8 ppl total.
  10. Good shape, inners not packed out, toe area widened a bit. Removable tongue stiffener. No insoles (keeping my spendy insoles). Stay frosty! Mark
  11. Too small, dang. Nearly new condition. Seattle. Salud! Mark
  12. High Ice movie

    We have been trying to purge our souls of this terrible atrocity. Once again the door to the crypt has been opened. What happens next is on your head, Grasshopper.