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  1. Nice. Nice map, its sure to help everyone! Lots of new snow now.
  2. I've done it in September and it was a fine time. I think biggest problem with Oct will weather-related, as the Pacific High might break down by then and the storms start rolling in (bringing the skiing..!). The meat of the trip really is mostly above treeline so trying to figure stuff out without any visibility somewhere between Cascade Pass and Cub Lake will make for a bad trip.
  3. Thanks for putting so much effort into the TR of this classic. Did you really take a drone up the route??
  4. Just saw this. Sad passing. Chuck and I climbed at Static together, fun and easy times.
  5. Good for trying them. I found the Lennox climbs to be fun but it certain is a real approach, you really want snow cover for it.
  6. nice job, its a nice route with good weather, I like it a lot more than the N Face
  7. The stuff above melawka lake I've never heard of anyone climbing nor have I climbed them (though I did the stuff lower down, keekwulee falls etc) so I'd say good job getting out and climbing something!
  8. I like the newer forum software. It's made me check out cc.com a few times in recent weeks. Not much to chat about in the winter, as right now I just post some random ski pics on FB. If there is a real ski TR it generally goes on TAY.
  9. Honestly unless the weather window is amazing I wouldn't spend the time in the cascades unless you are ski touring. If you are ski touring, it would be perfect time of year for Isolation Traverse, Ptarmigan on skis, or Forbidden Traverse I'd echo Banff for ice, JTree or Red Rocks or Smith for rock climbing. Moab for a week of crusher mountain bikling. Indian Creek if you are up to it. Sierra for melting-out-but-probably very cold higher elevation scrambles
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