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  1. Advice for First Timer to N Cascades

    If you head up to WA Pass, head a little further east and check out Flyboys on Goat Wall in Mazama, 18-pitch 5.9 sport route, well protected.
  2. Fly Boys Route -Goat Wall - Mazama

    I climbed this in September last year, took us about 6-7 hours to climb and we did the walk off the top (shuttled a car up in the morning). It's a thoroughly enjoyable climb and one I wouldn't mind repeating this spring!
  3. Awesome job boys, looks like fun times haha!
  4. FS 2060 Clear Ck rd Good, Squire Ck Rd, Not So

    I was out there two weekends ago and there were trees down over the road to exfo, shortly after the bridge, planning to go back out this coming weekend with a chainsaw.
  5. Mens Black Diamond Helio Shell

    I accidentally ordered a large from our pro deal site and have subsequently ordered a medium but there is a no return policy, so I'm selling the large for $250 (what I paid for it with shipping). Never been worn. I live in Everett but would consider meeting or mailing. Let me know if you're interested. Cheers!
  6. Darrington access pass?

  7. Nice one! I'll have to get out there soon!
  8. Thanks guys for all the work on an awesome route! We were one of 3 parties that summited yesterday (10/4). Given the shorter days we reached the summit just before sunset and had fun rapping down with headlamps!
  9. [TR] Mount Rainier - Liberty Ridge 6/9/2015

    Strong work! That last picture doesn't look like it was taken from Paradise
  10. Trip: Darrington - 3 O'Clock Rock - Silent Running Date: 1/25/2015 Trip Report: Hard to believe this route is in in January! Road is in good shape to trailhead. There are 3 large downed trees currently blocking the trail. No snow above the route. Also, no snow on exfo dome currently. The route was wet in places but climbable. Great day out! Gear Notes: 10 draws and gear to 2" Approach Notes: Pretty good shape for January
  11. Some friends and I climbed this route this past weekend...great position, stunning views, and fun climbing abound! Just remember to bring lots of beer and whiskey! Random pics from the climb...
  12. Been up to Boston Basin lately?

    Stream crossing isn't bad, crampons were nice to have...here's a couple pics of the area/route on approach to Torment.
  13. Darrington Dark Rhythm

    nice! that's a great route!
  14. Clear Creek 2060

    all clear