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  1. cutting a couple strands and leaving it sounds more like attempted murder than sabotage. very un canadian.
  2. Squamish death toll

    Surprising that the first scenario (miscommunication) doesn’t Happen more often.
  3. Squamish death toll

    are there any specifics you know about? helmets worn? bad knots?
  4. Washington Pass Conditions

    blue lake TH has that pond that harbors breeding of bugs but after a couple minutes walking, you are beyond those little bastards reach. We did not see any bugs up at the rocks but I have been assaulted badly before up high. It is rare but there is some kind of special combination that lets them live up high but not right now. no snow on approach o any of the bells or spires. there is a couple snow patches that some desperate TAY gals were making turns on this last weekend. (like they make 5 turns in one patch) that is dedication.
  5. Climbing around waterfalls?

    wait till it freezes up. may take a while.
  6. Camp possibilities on Easton Glacier

    that glacier has many flatish places to camp as you go up. just use common sense about camp location. (covered crevasses and ice fall from above) Haven't been up there this year but I don't remember any large hanging death blocks on route. prolly a good idea to camp some yards away from bootpack track and probe out your camp spot looking for covered bridges. I wouldn't trust the fact that it is level to negate the crevasse potential.
  7. Second ascent is back! ?

  8. [TR] LIBERTY - The path of freedom 06/01/2019

    slabbage photos are enticing. I think I can spot squire creek wall, roan wall. others in foreground?
  9. current song in your head

    Die mother fucker die mutha fucker!
  10. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    I think carrying nitro is illegal in public lands. makes great stove fuel though.
  11. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    maybe someone can make it spicy by throwing a ladder over that big crack. then we can get all everest style points.
  12. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    From what I heard, there is a walk around that monster crack but it puts you under some hanging ice fall in the moustache area. Like 10 minutes in the possible firing line. Let the buyer beware if they choose that way.
  13. Suggestions on where to live

    Minus the cancer, it would be nice. but couldn’t one find a parking garage in downtown Seattle for like $20/day and van life it there?