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  1. So is this where we spr8y about b**ldering

    builder or boulder?
  2. Did you summit?

    I have been to the summit of baker maybe 60 times. Only stood on actual top for the first 6 or 7 times. after that , it just felt inappropriate and disrespectful to "conquer" that beautiful mountain. Just stood a couple feet below the summit and took photos for others.
  3. [TR] Mt. Index - Lake Serene photo trip 03/23/2021

    a new take on the John Scurlock mtn photography! surprising detail for a drone camera but what do I know about such things? bravo!
  4. Spring Ice in the PNW

    n buttress col on colchuck but get a early start (headlamp) to avoid the morning sun on lower gulley. triple C dragontail should be good for a couple more weeks. I saw someones photo that the ice pitch looked thin or bare rock though. be prepared to go around that.
  5. the geographic spread of routes is rather unusual but I am an older guy so I may be missing something and afraid of change. I think a interesting guidebook, especially for beginners would be a comprehensive listing/description of routes that are easy to setup TR's on. All casual walk around to tops!
  6. you will be. eventually.
  7. May not matter but one thing that MV lacks is the real close world class mountain biking like Bellingham has.
  8. Darin is a old school ‘ham curmudgeon. Bellingham was ruined in the 1990.
  9. Alpental Ice?

    ice season in snoq pass may be over. Look to the north facing alpine terrain but this is not the place for beginners to learn ice climbing. come later in summer, you may wish to look at the north side of baker, coleman glacier serac climbing. easy to setup TR's
  10. I think the tree would appreciate climbers stay in the gym even if one of their own is sacrificed for the cause.
  11. Did you summit?

    The only marker for a successful climb is if everyone gets home without a need for medical assistance. Fuck actual summits. Was it fun? Success.
  12. Routes on Lundin, south face

    Great photos here.
  13. Routes on Lundin, south face

    https://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/tripreport look here for TR searches. There are lots of lundin pk there.
  14. New sport climbing guidebook (kickstarter campaign)

    copyright issues? like copying verbage from other guidebooks? and the access issues? Shouldn't the access should have been sorted out before any route development happens? I suppose I could go on that thread but it sounds depressing.
  15. Can you identify this mountain?

    photo op. looks like they walked from photographer to ridgeline and than back