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  1. [TR] Forbidden - East Ridge 07/15/2020

    I have never been on it but I did assist with a rescue on the lower pitches. SOme guy pulled off a big block and got pretty beat up by the fall and the block. His partner found us in the parking lot, then he went down to call 911. By the time we got to boston basin, a small heli did a recon. We got to the victim and he was delirious, babbling, not bleeding badly but in bad shape. We had just made the victim and the other partner anchor more secure, when a larger heli swooped in and dropped off their climbing ranger Kelly. She took over and another EMT was lowered, connected the fellow and they flew away dangling below. that was wild to watch. We then walked the other partners back down to thier car and then back up to boston basin. man I had good legs back then.
  2. Exit 38/Amazonia/Bobs Area

    Please send email to this melinda.posner@parks.wa.gov. Be nice and ask that the private land be bought and included in a state park system.
  3. Hood South Side TRs

    talking shit on someone's accomplishment thread is a real dick move and better be prepared for talking shit on their talking shit.
  4. [TR] Monte Cristo - Standard 06/22/2020

    All you dads (and moms) who think that their kids "may not be into it" could be very wrong. Kids have a natural tendency to resist whatever parents want. My parent used to drag my sorry ass up hikes in the banff area. But once I was in my 20's and having a hard time, the beauty of the mountains pulled me back and been climbing since. (still think Banff is the center of the universe) Think of this mountain time as seeds that will eventually germinate into something special, maybe not world class alpinists (we don't really want that amount of parental stress anyways) but def better people.
  5. High Ice movie

    Vertical Limit stole a lot of ideas from High Ice
  6. Hood South Side TRs

    I wish I climbed something big like south side of hood. really. I do.
  7. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Ice Cliff Glacier 05/24/2020

    in the photo of you in the upper basin, roped up for glacier travel and under a couple of large ice blocks, (6th photo) what do you think they are? are they chucks of cornice that fell down? or crevasse blocks? Seems like a strange place for either.
  8. We did that climb in mid 90’s and I think we used Grajales also. They didn’t serve food back then. That food looks way better than anything I can make at home!
  9. 2020 Weekend Warrior Climbing Partner

    I wonder how many times one would need to climb GNS to call it a el cap day? maybe 20 times? there is a goal right there.
  10. 2020 Weekend Warrior Climbing Partner

    you forgot to mention the approach requirement of less than 10 minutes. downhill or maybe flat, both ways. sounds like a good trip to me.
  11. Best place to resole rock shoes

    or your footwork is 16 times better.
  12. Best place to resole rock shoes

    I sent some la sportiva shoes to tahoe gripwork and they did some great work with quick turnaround. they only do the La sport shoes though.
  13. Washington High Routes and Traverses

    sweet resource you made for us. thanks! oh the possible dreams...........
  14. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    Good thing I have a fear of falling. I can count all my lead falls on one hand, I don’t even need a thumb. This makes your advice super easy to follow.
  15. Alps 4000m speed climb attempt

    I like seano reactions. keeping it positive!