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  1. did you need a telephoto lens to get some of those photos? Seems like dome is pretty damn close but I thought dome was light years from anything else.
  2. review Denali - Ski Boot Help

    I like my feet. Getting frostbite and losing toes is not a uncommon occurrence and not to be discounted. If the common wisdom is to use a size larger boot (assuming you can still ski without falling over which may be worse) I would suggest you follow it. It is common wisdom learned from others pain. BTW, I don't ski so my knowledge of what you are doing is Zero. But I have been to denali. We had it nice above 14K. Many others didn't It is a crap shoot so stacking the odds in your favor is always a good thing. There is a good chance of getting the skiing shut down above 14K. Are you ready to be able to hike the rest of the way in your ski boots? Very envious of skiers on the way back to the airstrip, though.
  3. [TR] Big Bear! - Brushtissima 11/11/2019

    damn near centrally located in the darring-town slabbage meca. You can see exfo dome and squire creek wall. and several other slabbages also!
  4. How soon to ski after broken leg?

    Is the hardware still in the leg? I have a friend who had a similar situation and time line as you a couple years ago. He mentioned the huge amount of damage that would happen to the bone if it broke in the same place with the plate still inside. He was able to ice climb but there was pain in the general location the following winter. he had the hardware taken out a couple years after the accident.
  5. Current Conditions

    haven't been up there lately but the NOAA pin point forecast looks cold for weekend. highs of low 30F. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-120.6521987915039&lat=48.508989062540536#.XbrXrcR7laR
  6. [TR] Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 09/21/2019

    yeah the last time I was up there was 12 years ago and it was snow and ice from the point where you bust over the ridge to well above the winnie slide area. damn.
  7. for sale RAB Hardshell Jacket/ Pants

    how much for the pants alone?
  8. [TR] Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 09/21/2019

    that winnie slide photo is a shock. I have been up that route a handful of times, the latest part of the season was mid august and it was bare ice top to bottom. I never saw any exposed rock like in your photo. I guess 12 years of climate change.......
  9. Winter Speculation Thread

    I buy one even on horrible predicted years. Shitty day on the hill is 1000% better than sitting at home. even in years where it was predicted to be warm and dry turned out to be pretty OK seasons overall. but warm and normal precipitation could mean some good alpine tromping times. Warm and dry better.
  10. Winter Speculation Thread

    according to NOAA long range outlooks https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/multi_season/13_seasonal_outlooks/color/churchill.php winter looks a little above normal temps and normal precip.
  11. It's climbing related

    that is just like every one of my trips except for the free food, free beer, good weather, light packs, easy hike, easy climb, clean route, perfect rack, perfect crack, perfect camp, good sleep, free heli flights, ect ect. I often have bears wave at me though.
  12. the coleman deming side has a large end to end crevasse. you can pass it on either side but you will have a brief exposure to hanger ice cliffs above. whether you are willing to expose yourself to objective hazard is the question. the easton side is getting complicated with much of the snowpack gone and you are dealing with erratic crevasse patterns down low and large crevasses opening up high. I think there was even another large end to end crack on the upper headwall. which one is easier is a crap shoot right now, especially later on this month. sulphide glacier on shuksan should be in better shape as the bedrock has less undulations and therefore less cracks. but the real summit is got some 4th class scrambling that you may want to bring rock gear for.
  13. another cool obscure mountain TR. I like where we are going. thanks for the TR. very good photos too.
  14. wow! thanks for the TR. that is a pretty cool looking mountain and one I have never heard of before.
  15. If you the quiene sabe glacier route on Sahale, do it in May or early June. Above the saddle and below the rocky summit bit usually a big ass cornice. Plenty of room to traverse safely on the windward side to get to rocky bits. The views and experience is better with that cornice. Real alpine. The rocky bit is only 20 meters or less depending on snow levels.