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  1. nice looking day. why didn't ya park at hairpin?
  2. Ptarmigan ridge- Rainier early season

    his plan is still 3 weeks out and a lot can happen condition wise in the mean time. winds from north (rare) could scour all than new snow pretty quick. a bit of warm and cold temps could make it in good nick shape. But you are probably more right than wrong on the wallowfest conditions.
  3. not too dark as it is a Book! and written by the man himself, Matt Schonenwald. I think I have that book at home if I can remember to look.............
  4. or this map? https://beaconguidebooks.com/product/backcountry-ski-map-mount-baker/
  5. i don't have this book infront of me, but wouldn't that info be in here? https://beaconguidebooks.com/product/backcountry-skiing-mount-baker-washington/
  6. I do not know if we were first on anything. the usual mode is that Darin has a great idea for an adventure and I get to enjoy his hard work. we did do some tour from mt herman down chain lakes and over and around and somehow got back down to the baker highway, maybe near the XC parking lot. great day but to be honest, i had no idea where I was. luckilly Darin waited for me to make sure I did not get lost. I was on a old voille splitboard and he was on skiis, so if it was a first, it was a double first!
  7. [TR] Axis Peak - South Gully 02/19/2022

    the range looks so bony for february.
  8. nice. thanks for the TR. what are the dotted blue lines in that map representing? ski routes or creeks?
  9. STEEZ

    the knuckle contests are the only event that i can watch. so much creativity and personal flare in such a small feature. the events with massive jumps seem to become a confusing (for a spectator) amount of flips and turns that I have no idea what happened. was it 5 or 6 360's with 3 corks and a butt scratch? Amazing for sure but I am just too clueless to see what is going on.
  10. I feel your sentiment and agree with SC being a dick BUT as far as I know, he is still alive RIP Marc.
  11. sold! WTB: Portaledge w/ fly

    Overall 76”x41”. I tried to,show dimensions from middle spacer to edge, wide and narrow widths.
  12. sold! WTB: Portaledge w/ fly

  13. sold! WTB: Portaledge w/ fly

    Ok. Just set up the ledge will attach photos. Not sure how large you want. To be ultra light, it seems small but I have never slept on a portal edge so what do I know? I included photos showing dimensions, outside to outside edges.
  14. free Free random books

    i have that exact copy of linear algebra at home. oh the good ole college days.