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  1. some other guy selling mammut parka on cc.com also.
  2. Concerning snow pack

    I suspect that layer was the result of that November snow followed by weeks of sun and freeze thaw. Not that unusual for the first couple of snow events to slide on it. A month of dumps will bury it real good. But don’t let my human factor heuristic kill anyone
  3. Looking for a climbing partner/mentor

    I hope you find someone willing to show you around. I suspect most people are uneasy being a mentor but are fine with requests for climbing partners with you being honest about your skills. If you could change your title to just looking for climbing partner and drop the mentor part, you may get more hits. maybe I am wrong and you get a good mentor. FWIW, I did an electrical apprenticeship so my expectations for mentorship may be much more involved than you are expecting. A lot of people got there start using local climbing clubs and when the experience level is adequate, stick with the friendships developed there and to casual internet hookups like this site. But I am old-ish and started in pre internet days so maybe that tract is unnecessary.
  4. question Grivel The Tech Machine Carbon - shaft delamination

    Best answer is from Grivel. While we all think we are pretty smart, we are all just over confident monkeys. Good luck. nice looking ice tool though.
  5. [TR] Colfax Peak - Cosley-Houstan 11/10/2018

    nice way to ensure you always have some tat for rappeling. (crampon straps)
  6. Unrepeated routes in N Cascades (winter type)

    the new more mature Bob taking the high route. oh times they be changin'
  7. based upon the two maps shown, it looks like the place where road blocked is the left hand turn on that caltopo you show? how much road walking to trailhead? seems like it should be 2.5 miles one way? (assuming the trail is 9.5 mile one way?) I tried a solo winter climb of that but had to bust trail through to much road and only made it to tree line before pooping out. would love ot make a fall jaunt before the snows come. looks real nice.
  8. Cebe Trilogy helmet

    are you looking to buy or try on? I know you are trying to find someone selling within the US but I have bought stuff from europe and the shipping is not too bad, almost at par with buying stuff online from the states this place is selling that helmet for 75 euros with shipping to US in that amount. for some reason the price went from 75 euro to 60 someodd when I entered in the US shipping cost. they must be afraid of Yanks. I think total comes to $100us. https://www.outdoorgb.com/p/Cebe_Trilogy_Skiing_Climbing_and_Biking_Helmet/
  9. Looking To Create A Dry-Tooling Crag

    I just saw your post about drytool development. I don't own a drill but I may be able to borrow one or even convince my buddy to jump aboard. where is this rock at? are you still into the drytool idea? gene
  10. [TR] mt whitney - mountaineers route 06/14/2018

    thanks for the TR. brought back memories of whitney. oh I love me some sierra's and wish I could get back there more often.
  11. Old Kloke Book "One Day Winter Climbs"

    Also rearrange the order of routes from his book. If I remember right, the routes were in alphabetical order instead of geographic order.
  12. Old Kloke Book "One Day Winter Climbs"

    would be cool to have some kind of wiki thing for this one day winter climbs. By being able to add info on existing routes from book and add new routes that Kloke never got in his. not really current conditions but something that would be helpful years later like access road changes, better approaches, route up dates, ect
  13. Need ice tool suggestions for harder routes

    I have been using the grivel alp wing for alpine ice routes for a while. The bend in shaft is not too extreme and you can take the trigger rest off for routes with more snow plunging. Trigger rest on and it is worthy for WI4. My version is 15+ years old so I don't if it is still made but I would still look for something like that. The trigger rest was a bear to get on but I would think they made a easier version by now.
  14. Old Kloke Book "One Day Winter Climbs"

    if the noaa forecasts for el nino are accurate, this could be a great winter to knock off several peaks from that kloke book. Most routes in the book tend to be smaller peak mountaineering type of routes.