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  1. Cascade River Road conditions?

    heard there was major road damage due to flooding during the heat wave. creeks coming off of boston basin took out the road but that is upstream of eldo TH.
  2. Coleman Seracs

    well.......I have not been up there this season, or in the last dozen or so years, but usually there is good ice climbing by now. there is usually open ice year round but getting to them can be tricky with snow covering up some of the cracks. But I would bet that now, especially given the recent heat wave, that the approach snow is gone and bare ice all the way. not sure if you have ever been there but find the climbers campground (mirkwood) in the trees. should be a trial going there. keep going down the ridge till you see a another climber trail going down to the glacier.
  3. very creative route. thanks for the TR.
  4. Warm Temps on Shuksan?

    bridges should be thick enough that the shallow portions that are warmed will not affect the strength of bridge. now bridges you can see, those would be sketch in the heat. as far as wet sloppy avi slides, I would think that hells highway is the only portion that would be of concern. maybe winnies slide. if you go early enough, then it should not be a problem. like before 2pm 70F is pretty warm for summit temp but a 60F is not unheard of. Wonder if that forecast is for while we are in this heat wave and could return to norm in a week.
  5. Shuksan North face bushwhack recommendations

    good question. I never did the route where you needed to go back up the other side on your purple line but that red line looks like it has advantages. less drop down to creek, being more downstream may have less slide alder and a lower angle up hill on other side. let us know what you find out when you go up that route.
  6. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    fuck one needs a permit in the pickets? I thought it was a free for all up there.
  7. What is your opinion on the Treadwall?

    I suspect this wall is beyond most of ours pay scale or our mental ability to climb the same 20 feet for hours.
  8. Climbing with invisalign - tips?

    do you really need to keep them in for your infrequent climbing trips? I can see if you are climbing 3 days a week but if you are a fair weather weekend warrior, just leave them out while climbing. It may be a bad idea to do heavy exertion with those things in also. chocking hazard? what if you crack your head in a fall with those inside? BTW, I offer no real educated advice here. just thoughts from a goofball. take it for what it is worth.
  9. Mt Baker private climb

    even without a pack it would be pretty worthwhile. or one of those treadmill stair step things if you can find a open gym.
  10. Solo Alpine Climbs in North Cascades National Park

    and I have see it in late july with 4 wall to wall crevasses that had sketch bridges that failed before our return back from summit. the hydro dynamics of glacier flow through that notch guarantee that there are crevasses that you may or not see. if one was forced at gun point to solo a glacier, the sulphide glacier on shuksan would be a better choice. or eldorado pk. traveling on glaciers in late august thru september is very enlightening to exactly what one has walked over just 2 months previous. recommending a glacier as "chill" without seeing that same glacier bare of winter coverage is reckless advice.
  11. [TR] Mt. Index - Lake Serene photo trip 03/23/2021

    isn't that why we teach youth to climb?
  12. Mt Baker private climb

    are there tall buildings where you live? you could "test" yourself by loading up a pack with weight as DPS gave and go up the stairs, take elevator down, go back up stairs, repeat till elevation achieved. gauge your fitness but realize that stairs is probably harder than walking up a trail due to the undulating nature of trails. If you train, just train for the approach to camp day. summit day will have a significantly lighter pack and be a bit easier. There may even be a movement of camp up higher on glacier which would make summit day easier. IMG has quality guides so things will go great. July is a great time to be up there. have fun!
  13. Solo Alpine Climbs in North Cascades National Park

    going solo through hells highway on fisher chimney route would be terrifying.
  14. Solo Alpine Climbs in North Cascades National Park

    safe is a relative word. you may need to define your characteristic of a safe climb. I would say sahale peak from sahale arm side (not sahale glacier side) and maybe some lines up around the ptmarigan traverse side but I have not been over on that side. if hiking on somewhat mellow glacier solo is acceptable, I would suggest eldorado peak.
  15. [TR] Kulshan - Boulder 05/16/2021

    As I get older my mountain choices get easier. to the point that most of my climbing I approach 2 minutes and I click into a auto belay.