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Fave all time climbs


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1. the royal arches (no gear just bring fun)2. rasta jon3. mt combatant from the ocean addleup river attain the glaicer and reach the air dropped cache and summit alpine style in apush return to cash ski accross the ice cap float the river back to the ocean and paddle back out to civilization3.5 leave truck on hwy in yukon carry over to headwaters of nahanni river paddle river to hole in the wall valley climb fa's and paddle to mackenzie river float to the artic ocean and take plane back to civilization and hitch hike back to truck

i have some other ideas too, any one want to give me money

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1) thats a tricky one...see below2) Dick Culbert (cause he smoked a bowl with me and Beckey didn't) 3) the Serl/Down on Queen Bess.

OK favorites: alpine rock, TIE, Lillarete Mt Athelstan, and the SW butress, S peak, Old Settler.

Alpine snow/ice: Central couloir on Joffre.

Multi pitch Rock: TIE, Black Orpheus, Red Rocks, and Rock On to Squamish Buttress, Stawamus Chief.

single pitch Rock: Idiot Savant, Cheakamus Canyon.

boulder problem: Royal Flush, swiftwater (even though I still havent sent it yet mad.gif" border="0 )

aid: no favorites.

big wall: not enough done to pick a fave. the one where i get to lead all the pitches!

non-alpine ice: Gibraltar Wall.

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hikerwa- "Or maybe I like ed because of VL?"

Please tell me you jest. I'm glad he refused to help the world class climbers get out of a crevasse 30 feet deep, when they can walk around and climb up the damn wall by themselves. And where'd the helicopters come from? In the words of fat comicbook store owner from The Simpsons:

"Worst, Climbing Movie, Ever!"

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