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  1. The gravity of Spray.

    drul, this sounds like part of the black abyss of ingnorance that my 7th grade teacher was talking about. only now do i understand what he was talking about, the corrulation is amazing. i think this is where the 51st paralel is emoved and you return to your rightful place in ignit' america. welcome home son!
  2. blocking pm's

    a couple of us are wondering is this feature can be re-installed. cuz apprently the "please don't send me another pm" thing isnt working.... too bad ijust cant ban them!!!
  3. sleeping bags

    you know i am reading about all these sleeping bags for sale and the such and it brings up a couple of old stories of mine..... what are yours cause i need to judge how appropiate i should make them
  4. calories

    in an attempt not to bonk, calories consumption is very important. since i am poor and have anversion to real work. i am always looking for cost effective tasty treats for the mtns. currently and always i am munchin on: seaseme treats $.50 230 calories. tiger's milk $.69 220-230 calories luna bar $1.59 220 calories (i know i know, but they taste about 500,000,000 times better then the rest.) frito lay honey roasted peanutz 2 for $.99 250 cal each this all i can think of right now, but there is more. any ideas!?

    YOU HEAR THAT!!!!?????
  6. note to self

    drul will always have the last word special ned is flaky i have a bad attitude 009 is dangerous in the snow alpinek has lots of chain saws(dont mess with) dwayner well it is dwyaner what can i say??!! pope soils himself around women caveman hi! syzakaiski exists in another world only to visit when the climbing is good and the other stuff is going on dyno merchant is a closet alpinist allison wants to kill me crack owes everyone money dr jay is really a doctor w and forrest want to repair sucking chest wounds lamebone i couldnt type anything that is legal in this country will knows everything but at the same time knows nothing dan larson actually controls the world with puppet strings jhonny is really a woman yungberra is a good boy sisu sumoi got it figured out trask is realted to satan mattp is hands down the coolest old guy ever! chucK is unasumming bad ass wallstain is weak avypoodle used to be cool in jr high philfort wants to go home vegatable doenst really know how to belay with vegtables terminal gravity is the alcohol expert hikerwa once hiked now works charlie is a sex god to midgits jon and timm@y should recieve a lifetime acheivement award from 'the society of people reducing work effiency' bronco really trusts us beck is in love with a plastic ursince he can never have i cannot spel all you can eat has a eating disorder brought on by lack of job, so he must eat it allwhen i remeber more i will make more notes [ 02-13-2002: Message edited by: erik ] [ 02-13-2002: Message edited by: erik ]
  7. Everyone please give him and his family condolences. All charitable (cash money) should be sent to me to pay out to all of trask's favorite charities. Good Bye Trask. It's been swell! Safe voyage ole boy!
  8. car pool lane question.

    smoke a bowl
  9. Rocky Butte & PC

    what about a pete's pile pub cluc this spring? or summer?
  10. multi function pants

    to but insulated stretch fabric pants limits your options. plus a lite "scholler" pant with a silk weight long underwear weighs less then a insulated pant. i usally just wear cotton. once the summer hits that is generally all i wear. tho i have some bd pants & arcteryx ones they are all pretty much the same. go for price b4 anything else. look on discount websites for good deals. pants with belts loops are better as your can hold them up with a regular belt.
  11. stupid question - gear slings

    i have one and i personally dont like it for general climbing. only when i need to seperate different types of gear, say pins, screw et al... sometimes when using it i have found myself accidently clipping gear in between the loops and that creates somewhat of a cluster fuck. also it is kinda pain if you have to switch sides. and since people tend to rack per size, i fund that it weighs towards the back(heavier pieces) and shifts then smaller ones higher into your chest.
  12. Beal Ropes?

    i felt that the beal rope that i had wore out pretty fast. tho now a days i buy ropes almost soley on price unless i need it for a specific use.
  13. Tape is Aid???

    i dont even live in the pnw right now atyak... you can disagee with me all you want and i do not care. it is a personal choice, i did not slag anyone off as you say. the funny thing is your repsonse is exactly what you are complaining about. so what is your point? that you are a hypocrite? either way it makes no difference to me at all. enjoy your day.
  14. Ropes

    i prolly am backward, that tends to be the way i live my life. tata
  15. Ropes

    skinner ropes tend to increase the impact force on pieces so i would think about that as well.
  16. Avy probes

    avy probes are a waste of money. use your ski pole or a old tent pole that you mark the meters/feet on. duct tape help keeps te pieces together.
  17. Can you die of Powder starvation?

    18" in the last day here in sucksville(utah) tho who cares as i am ready to climb as i have grown fat with my powder gluttony.
  18. Most influential american climber

    i dont think one person is more influential then any other. as all have made worthwhile contributions, to attempt to keyhole people into a list of most important follows christain rhetoric. worry more about yourself then other is my mantra. and celebrate your personal friends contributions then people whom you most likely dont know.
  19. Tape is Aid???

    blah blah blah...dean potter...blah blah blah... taoe is not rewuired when one uses proper technique, wheter it be at the creek or any where else. if you become reliant on it then it will always be an aid for you as you are afriad to move away from it. people who tape also litter quit abit. i think this is a pointless arguement and statement. and anyways most people in utah are inbred retards, so saying that they are wierd is pointlesss as well. dont use tape and see whatit feels like. even with a gobbie or two things are possible.
  20. scarpa lasers 9.5

    in great condition, rode about 10 days max....they just are not the boot for me. $200 + shipping p.s. for another $10 i will include some scarpa lt wt hiking boots
  21. scarpa lasers 9.5

  22. Canary is Scary Again

    que: phat techno beats
  23. Ropes

    i had a bd/beal 9.4 and found it to be a piece of shit...durability was the key issue. i think that durability is a common issue with bd/beal ropes. tho i have a 9.8 sterling now and 10 mammut that i both like....