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  1. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/spo/2785802412.html
  2. Muir on Saturday should at least get Honorable Mention! No one else has mentioned "Learn to climb slab with experienced instructors" http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/673471/1
  3. PM not received. Try using your open eye
  4. Leftover stock from last season. All new, unused, in packaging with original tags Pickup in Bothell only. Platypus Reservoir 2.0 liters Reservoir only, needs the hose (called "hoser") Retail $19.95, Sell $10 Deuter Camera Case, Small Works with most smaller digital cameras http://deuterusa.com/products/productDetail.php?packID=cameraCaseSm⊂=accessories&tert=accessories Retail $8, Sell $4 Life-Link Slideblade system Great system for off piste travel. http://www.life-link.com/llpacks.htm Retail $15 Sell $7 Trango Trad Sling Simple sling for carrying gear. http://www.trango.com/prod.php?id=107 Retail $9.95 Sell $5 Flashed Climbing Bulk Chalk (1 lb, 454g) (2) Retail $24 Sell $10 or both for $17 Trango Rabbit runners (2) Long sewn runners with eyelets on each end. Saves time at the belay on multi-pitch http://trango.com/prod.php?id=54 Retail $7.95 Sell $4 Omega Pacific Oval carabiner Simple oval biner. http://www.omegapac.com/opo6.html Retail $5.75 Sell $3
  5. Photo was taken last Saturday. Might have been 3 groups of 12 that met up later?
  6. Quote "Who wants to climb Mt Raineer? " Before you climb it, learn how to spell it. Maybe you can climb Prussikkk afterwards
  7. Prices reduced Sierra Designs Nitro 30 Down Sleeping Bag (Mens) Retail $250, Sell $175 Sierra Designs Spark 30 Down Sleeping Bag (Womens) Retail $250, Sell $175 Sierra Designs Lightning 2 (2 Person / 3-Season) Retail $259, Sell $175 Take all for $500
  8. Trying to unload some brand new items, still in packaging and NEVER USED Sierra Designs Nitro 30 Down Sleeping Bag (Mens) http://sierradesigns.com/bags.display.php?id=884 1 lb. 10 oz Retail $250, Sell $175 Sierra Designs Spark 30 Down Sleeping Bag (Womens) http://sierradesigns.com/bags.display.php?id=889 1 lbs, 9 oz. Retail $250, Sell $175 Sierra Designs Lightning 2 (2 Person / 3-Season) http://sierradesigns.com/tents.display.php?id=47 Trail Weight 3 lbs 15 oz Retail $259, Sell $175 Pickup is in DT Bellevue or Mill Creek. Would rather not ship.
  9. Also have lots of other items for sale that I will have at the Mill Creek Garage sale this Saturday All of this stuff: http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/spo/660333250.html Plus lots of used stuff, including BD crossbows (179's) kids skis, boots and more. PM for address
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