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  1. [TR] Bandit - Black Hole Couloir 3/2/2008

    Something like this:
  2. Keiths Hut Avalanche

    Given that it didn't come off when the avalanche happened, it's probably pretty solid.
  3. freezing Levels

    Yes... more relevantly, if you have a 2000ft snow level, the snow will be wet and crappy at 2000ft, and probably at 3000ft too. I've been rained on when it was -10C.
  4. freezing Levels

    They aren't the same thing. Snow level is usually ~1500ft below freezing level. Snow will continue to fall in above freezing air before it finally turns to rain.
  5. Dynafit bindings- leash or brakes?

    Leashes have saved me from walking down at least one large steep run. And I have yet (knock on wood) to be lacerated by skis-on-a-rope. I've had dynafit leashes break under large forces (e.g. falls in deep wet snow), so I hope they'd do that in an avalanche too - although if I'm using my brain in avy terrain, I often just tuck the leashes in my pant cuffs. Note: I'm now leashless because Sturtevants lost my leashes when they tuned my skis.
  6. Preseason stoke!

    Thx to Sky for this one:
  7. I heard that road is closed (barricaded) now...
  8. [TR] - black peak 7/18/2007

    This is just another example of the Great North Cascade "Disappearing Beta" Conspiracy.
  9. Baker NR and Coleman Headwall conditions?

    Hikers show the way. Still looks nearly good enough to ski...
  10. Beach Pub Club!

    mzchristy, so sorry you had to take your twins home early.
  11. Beach Pub Club!

    I guess I'll show up 8'ish too!
  12. vesper approach & conditions?

    From the Sunrise Mine trailhead (thru Silverton), it's only ~3 hours to the summit. I don't know how you'd get there from highway 2, unless you want to bushwhack for a few days.
  13. Rolling Stone.....100 greatest guitarist

    Where is Prince? He may be a freak, and not really known for playing guitar - but he's better than a lot of guitarists on that list. Watch him wail here.
  14. Picture of Willis Wall Ice Cliff 6/27/07

    That's so fake... Justin, I can tell your avalanche is totally CGI...
  15. Shuksan North Face - doable in late July?

    Search this site for beta on the approach - I know it's been discussed before. I've done both the all-on-snow approach from the ski resort, and also the snow-free approach from the end of the logging road (drop down to creek, climb up to ridge). While the snow approach is much more pleasant, there is hardly any bushwhacking if you do the other approach correctly (there is a patch of devil's club and dense shrubery near the creek). It's in a dry streambed, and then mostly open forest. Very steep in spots though - like you might want wear crampons in the woods in spots. It took us about 5 hours, but others do it faster (we were carrying ski gear and it was ludicrously hot, like 80F at sunrise).
  16. [TR] Dorado Needle- SW Buttress 8/3/2005

    I'm sure Kurt appreciates your beta Dave, even if it is two years too late... ;-)
  17. What was your weekend like???

    I was nearly struck by a beam of light from God:
  18. Shuksan North Face - doable in late July?

    I don't think Adams is all that much of an indicator - the snowpack is a lot healthier in the North Cascades.
  19. Trundling ethics:

    I agree with lI1|1!. I thought this was going to be some thread about cool alpine trundles. Instead it's a cragging ethics discussion....
  20. Indeed - big mega gully doth been what we skieth.
  21. Ok, I think I got it sorted out now. HM route is completely behind the big blocky tower. The big mega gully leads to an easy walk to the summit.
  22. Aluminum Crampons for DC route

    I've walked on a lot of rock and hard ice with my stubai aluminum crampons. Never bent a point. I don't think much about it anymore. (treknclime: what brand are you using?). I don't think I'd take them on Rainier though, as I don't trust them on steepish hard glacier ice... I've have them slip on me, where a steel crampon with sharp points probably wouldn't have.
  23. Nice pics.... can someone explain this Honeymoon route for me? Maybe it's just me... but it looks like it takes you way right, then way back left, across some rotten rock, but in the end just puts you at the top of the "big, mega gully" which you could have just climbed directly. So um... what's the point???
  24. [TR] Triad - Kumquat Couloir 6/20/2007

    Yeah, Sky was all scared so he wanted a rope Not like the cool cat styling it in this photo: