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  1. Sold

    These fit up to 92mm. The pucks were mounted once, but I don't remember ever using the cramps themselves. $42
  2. FS-North Face Badlands 75

    This is a large volume (5200 cubic inch) backpack. It works well for both overnight and multi-day trips. I used it for 3 years, mostly for winter trips. This pack is comfortable to carry and has a broad range of load, and suspension adjustability. It is in like new condition... there are no rips, holes, stains or smells. All of the zippers, straps and buckles are intact and functional. Asking $80 Here is a description of the pack and its features: http://www.summitpost.org/outdoor-gear/badlands-75/3433
  3. Back bishiz

    It's like you never left.
  4. Posts by fourteenfour - something stinks

    14,4 Foundation fourteenfour is/was the CEO I believe his name is Michael Rowley. http://fourteenfour.org/
  5. faggoty book read'n

    Sounds a lot like the high command in some school districts.
  6. faggoty book read'n

    You're being a dickhead. (I do it to make this lame forum text more readable.)
  7. faggoty book read'n

    great book, nice n' short too - read that right around the time my daughter nearly died of complications of hte swine-flu, sorta set my shit in its proper perspective - i never knew the dust bowl was so lethal to babies - the account of starved horses eating fenceposts protruding from dust mounds was memorable as well I grew up just uphill (foothills of the Temblor Range) from the southern San Joaquin valley of CA. As a kid I endured two, maybe three serious dust storms. Friends and family of mine experienced valley fever, which is pretty obnoxious and tenacious. I seem to have developed a tendency toward bronchitis resulting from a cold that my doc says may be attributed to growing up where I did.
  8. faggoty book read'n

    The Worst Hard Times A telling of the cause and effect of a decades long suffer-fest in the dust bowl of middle America. Unbroken Another suffer-fest, caused by, and at the hands of the Japanese, endured by Olympian Louis Lamperini Mother Tongue Bryson's book about the curiosity and complexity of the english language. and I am currently working on A Splintered History of Wood. I'm on the chapter dedicated to half a dozen master woodworkers who happen to be blind.
  9. Accident on Infinite Bliss

    dfrost, thanks for clearing that up for me.
  10. Accident on Infinite Bliss

    And one on Liberty Bell.
  11. Ingalls S Ridge approach - snow?

    I was able to see the Ingalls group from the top of some crags we were checking out near Blewett Pass a week or so ago. It was looking pretty bare.
  12. Ingalls S Ridge approach - snow?

    West Ridge?
  13. I went with a friend to climb a route he put up on a sandstone crag near the Swauk Campground off of 97. From the top of the crag, we could see another crag, so we took a short walk and came upon this. We circumnavigated the crag and found good quality rock and aesthetic lines on every aspect. There was a deep, tunnel-like cave to lookers left of this view that hissed at us. We left immediately.
  14. Does anybody recognize this crag?

    We found a great grow spot on the way through the woods between the crags. On the descent from the first crag, I could see the summit of the holey one. It almost looked like an anchor with tat was hanging over the big cave face.
  15. Alcohol

    "Drinks men should never order..." (aka "Girly Drinks") "Manly drinks..."
  16. A great climbing film about Paul Pritchard

    What, you're not railing on Pritchard's belay technique?
  17. [TR] Snoqualmie - The Tooth 5/13/2014

    Fred says, "(The South Face) is about 330 ft. high, above "Pineapple Pass" (est. 5280'), the small notch between the south face and the two southern pinnacles." -CAG-Columbia River to Stevens Pass, 1st Edition, Pg 162
  18. Surviving the Snow for Beginners

    That about sums it up...
  19. Bouldering near millcreek

    No. For perspective, the face on the left is 3-4 moves tall.
  20. Bouldering near millcreek

    There is a large glacial erratic on the north end of Martha Lake Airport Park, (just north of Martha Lake) off of of 146th St SW between Meadow Rd and Cascadian Way. It is to the east of the skatepark.
  21. Wanapum Dam

  22. head game and mindset after a scare?

    Actually, only 37% of them are.
  23. Charlie Porter

  24. Charlie Porter

    The size of Charlie Porter's balls cast a shadow wide enough to cover the entirety of the northwest.