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  1. Ropeup 2009!

    ha! I remember the Brats, that was a fun one. Haven't made in a couple of years, could be worth going. Good to see Beck is still with us, I guess me too, been a while.
  2. Where has your blue bag been? IKEA/Rainier team up

    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Bring that bad boy home, throw it in the washer, and pow you're set for another climb (or trip to IKEA!)
  3. Frontline, The Dark Side.

    Ya Gotta Luv Dick! (Cheney)
  4. Kurt injured?

    Get well soon Kurt! sean
  5. Seattle Area Pub Club 4-12

    Whoa! A little quiet around here...
  6. Lib Ridge Accident Statistics

    Whoa there TG, the jet stream only averages around 50 knots, or around 60mph, and can go up to 230 knots or around 250 mph. that's still pretty strong though, and does not ever reach "thousands" of miles per hour...
  7. The Consequences of Climbing

    I also thought about the same thing. I would hope that people don't and wouldn't quit doing something they love because they are afraid or because of what others want. I also think that to take out a huge part of what makes up a particular person takes away from that person. Accidents happen anywhere, anytime, sometimes doing something dangerous, sometimes something not so dangerous, I guess that's why they are called accidents, in my opinion that's no reason to stop living or doing what a person likes to do.
  8. best of cc.com The Nodder?

  9. Photos from Ropeup '03

    some more Beckfest/Ropeup pictures posted....
  10. Nesting Raptors

    It was also cool to hear that the Wildlife Biologist was herself a climber. And if I dare say, cute...
  11. Beck Rain Fest

    i think I forgot to mention a big, big thanks to Jon and Tim for this whole shebang! i was treated to a live "porno-puppy show" when I first arrived, and was even more impressed with the free peep show later, with caveman's dog, and Fergus the ridgeback. Thanks Jon and Timmay!!!!
  12. Beck Rain Fest

    Thanks to all you guys for pitching in for the best Leavenworth ropeup yet! Free Beer from OR and Mattp(and others), Lots of great stuff for the raffle courtesy of PMS, Second Ascent,Trango, Black Diamond, Marmot, Omega Pacific... and more. Congrats to all the raffle winners, all the people who pirated the GU's out of the swag bags and oh yeah, thanks to all of those who turned one brat at around midnight into about 27!!! Mmmmm..... Uli's..... Thanks again! Sean
  13. The REAL Leavenworth Rope Up Question

    Why thanks Matt. Cocktails and hor'dourves will be served at 4PM sharp under the canopy. I would love to see the 40'TRASK WORLD TOUR '74 Bus, as well as the groupies and such...
  14. Leavenworth Ropeup Questions

    As one of the "organizers" who did not uninvite you to the event, I too would be dissappointed not to see you... Besides, if you don't show I have a picture of you that I could post....
  15. Weather for Beckfest

    yeah, If the weather looks icky here, it is more than likely nice over there. I have seen this forecast many times and have always been happy in Leavenworth. Heres the skinny: FRIDAY .. A 60 PERCENT CHANCE OF RAIN AND MOUNTAIN SNOW SHOWERS. HIGHS IN THE MID 50S TO LOWER 60S. FRIDAY NIGHT AND SATURDAY .. PARTLY CLOUDY. HIGHS AROUND 60. LOWS IN THE 30S. SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY .. MOSTLY CLOUDY WITH A 40 PERCENT CHANCE OF RAIN SHOWERS. HIGHS AROUND 60. LOWS IN THE MID 30S TO LOWER 40S. Hell, if it rains I guess we wash the truck and go into town, Saturday is Karoake night at the Olde Post Office tavern, theres some talented folk on that side of the Mtns. that being said, the weather should be just fine. Sean
  16. Music for Rope Up

    I was kinda thinkin' of a little Ratt/Night Ranger/Yanni jam. I think Babnik is gonna be playin' his skin flute.
  17. don't know if this has been posted, but it is tonight at the Moutaineers Clubhouse. come voice your opinion, good, bad, or ugly. Commercial Services Plan/EA Comments Sought Superintendent Dave Uberuaga announced today that the Commercial Services Plan/Environmental Assessment (EA) for Mount Rainier National Park is now available for public review. “The Commercial Service Plan will guide commercial activities at Mount Rainier National Park for the next five to ten years,” Uberuaga said. “We look forward to hearing the public’s responses to it. The plan’s preferred alternatives create new opportunities for visitors to enjoy the park, as well as increase resource protection. That’s a winning combination.” The plan offers four separate alternatives in the categories of guided climbing, guided wilderness use, and guided alpine wilderness use. It offers two alternatives for managing other commercial services such as guided day trips, commercial group camping, firewood sales and towing. The alternatives also establish new limits on the level of commercial use in the park to ensure opportunities for all visitors. More information and copies of the plan and environmental assessment are available by calling (360) 569-2211, ext. 2301/2303 or by accessing the park’s website located at http://www.nps.gov/mora/current/park_mgt.htm. Interested individuals and community groups are invited to join the Superintendent and other park staff at one of four public meetings held to debut the plan/environmental assessment: • Yakima (Sept. 16, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.) Double Tree Inn 1507 North 1st Street • Tacoma (Sept. 18, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.) Washington St. History Museum, 1911 Pacific Avenue • Ashford (Sept. 23, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.) Location to be determined • Seattle (Oct. 2, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.) Mountaineers Clubhouse, 300 3rd Avenue West Besides attending one of the public meetings, comments can be sent to: Superintendent, Mount Rainier National Park, Commercial Services Plan, Tahoma Woods, Star Route, Ashford, Washington 98304-9751. Comments will also be accepted via e-mail at: mora_commercial_services@nps.gov. All written public comments must be postmarked by November 25, 2003. -NPS-
  18. Music for Rope Up

    there will not be a dj. there may be some music until 10ish. I might bring my own guitar, I think that would be better that cd's. I would encourage others to bring instruments as well.Nothing like a cool impromtu folk jam!
  19. Can you help Ropeup?

    I guess since your a big stone lion headed thingie in Egypt, I wasn't planning on your attendance anyway.
  20. Can you help Ropeup?

    And who is this? Me? Wow, I'm not pointing any fingers, except maybe towards Beck. In my opinion everything is just blown way out of porportion. It's a party. theres free stuff. theres likeminded people. I thought it would still be pretty fun.
  21. Can you help Ropeup?

    In my own opinion, there has been plenty of planning and organization leading up to this event. It still is grass roots, we still need some help with things. The "sponsors" are actually companies that have provided items for the raffle or food and beverages. All of the proceeds from the raffle go to the Access Fund and the AAC. There will be lots of free food and beer, I for one will be bringing some beer also, for me, if there is a shortage, as I assume most of you would also. Unfortunately through the actions and posts of one of the "organizers" and "interested parties", a negative light has been put on the event as a whole, and falsely assumed that it is way more corporate than it actually is. I know that this event will be a good time, I too am not a huge fan of amplified music, or corporate meglomania, and I understand the concerns of the group, maybe this will help for the organization of next year. Hopefully I will see you all there. Sean
  22. Lift To Leavenworth Rope Up

    Camping will be provided in the group campsite for free, I know that it is limited, so it's first come, first served. There are plenty of other campsites around and up the road and I am not sure if they charge in Oct. or not. Most of the "festivities" will take place in the group CG. More info and gory details will be posted next week. cheers.
  23. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    I think that some of the terms used here are getting blown out of porportion. There are not going to be climbing events, all events that I am aware of are either presentations or freebies. Presentation = Slide show, demo/clinic something like that. Freebies = Free BEER, Free Gear, Free Camping, Free Food. there are no "events" scheduled during the day, that I am aware of. The sponsorships consist of gear, food, beer. As far as the "fostering stewardship of the vertical environment," why can't we show that we actually care for the places we like to spend our recreation time? Clean a little bit, maybe help out with some trail maintenance? I'm still pretty sure that it will be a fun party, as far as being "Becks Party" I think that's a little silly, I for one plan on going, drinking lot's of free beer, maybe getting some free shit, eating some food and hopefully avoiding the fire pits...
  24. Ed Viestures

    I've heard that ad for hot tubs too, it's been on for a while now.
  25. sling at base of GM p2

    I bet it's red...