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  1. Reasonable offers for either item considered.
  2. Bump. New boots arrived today. need to clear shelf space.
  3. I've got an older but lightly used Bora 95 size regular for sale. Load carrying beast. $150.00 Also, a pair of Scarpa Summit GTX, size 43. Great shape, just too small for my feet. $150.00 PM me, prefer local sales.
  4. Doug

    locked down spray

    Porter, that picture is very disturbing. Almost as disturbing as me not getting in on that locked down thread in time. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
  5. Doug


    Canada was too late. Montreal rejected Canada first. Right before and after they rejected everyone else. I agree with you, I found Montreal very lame.
  6. Made it to the ~2,200' level of the road on Saturday.
  7. Hate to disappoint you guys but that stuff in made in California. BFD, The Hondas made in Ohio are still Japanese cars.
  8. If sauce is the yardstick of civilization the I think Thailand is off the friggin' scale!
  9. OMFG, Figgie & Ichiro only have one ball each?
  10. Here's a pretty good summation. Although, no real info about what happened. Gawd some of the folks that post comments on the news sites make me want to vomit.
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