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  1. A transplant support group may be in order. While the transition may be slow, the grass only gets greener.
  2. timmy oneil show?

    Attended last week here in SLC. Tim puts on a good show, worth the $.
  3. Map Geeks only...

    Check out World Wind (free download) put out by NASA.
  4. linking ropes

    Alpinedave and I each scored a 60m in thanks to a EDK caught in a rope groove typical of many sandstone rap stations. Knot was face down and the fist of rope caught on the edge.
  5. linking ropes

    I’ve got a bootied 60m that says otherwise.
  6. Time to retire rope?

    Source? Seems similar to the micro cracks in cams myth.
  7. Adventuring

    Maybe in the Batmobile, usually 7 hours by bus. In any case, I'll second Peru.
  8. Speeding Tickets in Oregon

    OR cannot suspend a WA license nor is a traffic conviction transferable to the state of WA. All OR can do is issue a bench warrant(no way) or suspend your license in OR. No mo’ going fast in OR, but after five years of road trips through the state and even short term residency, It hasn’t been a problem.
  9. Speeding Tickets in Oregon

    Just ignore it. After receiving a ticket close to a grand, I didn’t pay a dime and trashed all notices I received in the mail. No impact on insurance or my Washington driving record. Of course, now I have to drive the speed limit in OR. As for the court appearance idea, be prepared to appear multiple times.
  10. mneagle: Na dude, you are so wrong. In this case I’m looking at “wilderness” as the quantity and quality of undeveloped land, not the specific environmental politics of the region. I agree with your observations concerning the marginal value placed on the environment by local and federal governments, but the fact remains Utah has enough wilderness to last a lifetime. You will agree with me too unless you are blind or dense.
  11. Without a doubt Salt Lake; having just moved here from Seattle, here’s my take on the place: • The variety, accessibility, and quantity of rock climbing can’t be beat • In LCC you can ice climb, rock climb, and ski all in the same day. • The Wasatch are amazing. Although they don’t have the alpine climbing of the North Cascades, you can’t hit the North Cascades after work. • Moab is 3 hours away (towers, MTB) • Tetons, Devils tower within striking distance • Wilderness is equal to that of WA • Alcohol is not an issue, just get used to buying wine, liquor, and real beer at liquor stores. • Mormon culture is no problem. I don’t see how people can complain about it unless they had kids in school outside the city where peer pressure may be a concern; or you enjoyed being involved in local government. • More diversity than Boise, but obviously less than Seattle. • Squid’s observation on the chicks is not off-base.
  12. Tuesday 4/6

    Index or x38, belay or ropegun, beer or other . PM reply.
  13. Midweek Climbing

    Going to Index on Monday. Open for rock, alpine, or anything else 'til the end of the Month.
  14. Buy/Trade

    What I need: 9mm rope (very good shape) Pickets Ice Screws Light down bag (anything from -10 to +10) This is what I got to trade: New (in bag) 10.6 Dry Bi Color PMI Cirque Rope Bunch'o used 10.5 rope GA8(?) Strap-on crampons XL OR Overboots Fish portaledge (single w/ fly) Aiders (2) $$$ (not much) Please PM offer
  15. Wanted portaledge with fly

    Got a FISH single w/ fly. Used but no rips or holes. Make an offer.
  16. Free Beer,Great Climbing,Employment

    no marketing = no $
  17. yosemite

    Leaving for the Valley September 12th/13th and want to avoid the initial downtime finding a partner. Would like to jump on a moderate wall (HD, TT, zodiac), or a long freeclimb after parking the car. Alternatively, I'll have an open seat on the drive down only. Beer, gas or grass- nobody rides for free.
  18. Water purification?

    Polar Pure: Lightweight, never expires, used to manufacture methamphetamines.
  19. Ex. 38 and Index threatened

    -Does anyone actually buy a parking permit so they can climb at the uw rock? Haven't needed a permit in 4 years. Only confronted by parking po once and that was during a stadium event.
  20. yosemite in september

    I'm there the 13th-28th. Want to get on a wall within days of arrival- day climbs thereafter.
  21. Need partner for sub 5.11 climbs near Portland. Looking to sample some multipitch at Beacon Rock.
  22. Hey, at least it's better than donating blood. Marketing study to be conducted on Monday (5/19). $100 for consumer research NOP Automotive is conducting consumer research in your area If you own a car, 1997 or newer and you are between the ages of 17 - 25 we want to talk to you! We are paying $100 CASH to qualified participants for only 2 hours of your time. We are paying an additional $150 for students whose parent may be available to attend as well. This is a unique opportunity for you to have direct influence on what manufacturers in the automotive industry will produce in the future! This study is for CONSUMER RESEARCH ONLY, there will be absolutely no sales promotion of any kind. Call 800-545-5909 Ext. 626 to see if you qualify
  23. Good way to earn gas or beer money

    I'd rather answer questions than spunk in a cup, but like you pointed out- the drug screen is a tough qualifier. Maybe I should just get a real job.
  24. Working in Hillsboro, Or for the summer and need to find a place to live as well as get an idea of what climbing options are available (small nearby crags, partners, etc.).
  25. Thanks for the info, though it seems my future doesn't look too bright.