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  1. Easy there, cowboy. We can all acknowledge that the question begs speculation, but syklone is not the only one in Portland speculating. Syklone (and fifty others) will heed your neighborly advice and drive out there every day with binoculars, as long as the east wind continues to blow--and if there is even a veneer of ice to scratch up, don't fool yourself, it WILL be on the internet . . . complete with photo documentation. For those of us who appreciate the gift of local ice, let's hope the winds continue.
  2. Just out of curiosity, was there any snow remaining on the route? Was thinking about bringing a light stove, and the timeliness of your ascent would assist me in that decision. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the report, Dru-spotter! My partner and I are thinking about going up on Wednesday, but we will certainly be checking road conditions in advance. Incidentally, I called the Mile-O, and was informed that I was the "first ice climber to inquire this season."
  4. Anyone venture up to Lillooet over the past weekend? Seems like these recent arctic temps would be having a positive effect.
  5. For those of you interested in such matters, the bridge is open. Jaime and I made a quick detour on our return trip last night, to see the progress, and were rather surprised to find it open and passable. Only speculation, but my guess is that the work was completed Friday. Perhaps Dru-spotter can enlighten us on the actual date of completion . . . .
  6. G, anyway to ascertain whether that bridge will be open by tomorrow, or any suggestions on whom to contact? (Need the information rather urgently; any help is appreciated).
  7. Thanks for the update! Just out of curiosity, you don't happen to share a desk with Dru, do you?
  8. Hey, G-spotter, do you know if the bridge work was completed?
  9. Just think, Doug . . . in three months, when the important details fade, you'll find yourself recommending the route. "Good Christ, are you kidding me? It's the finest rock route on Hood!" Regrettably, you'll not be entirely wrong.
  10. Whoops . . . sorry if I got that one wrong, Doug. Depending upon our next objective, I guess I'll have to bring 18-year Black Maple Hill. Hey Gavin, that impending hernia surgery has been haunting you for a couple years. No fun now, but at least it's over. Get well soon.
  11. Planning a trip for mid-June, so hopefully it will be a moot point, but I know they had a huge snow pack this past winter. Western Divide Hwy just opened 05/25, but I am curious if anyone has current information about snow in Needles proper?
  12. As for naturally forming shore ice, I do not know about the Sturgeon Bay area. I have, however, climbed a couple days up in Munising, MI on the South Shore of Lake Superior. It would be a drive (maybe five hours?), but there is a good bit ice. As you would imagine, most of the routes are single pitch, but there are some good ones. Under the right conditions, I was told that there is a continuous "ice bouldering traverse" of something like 1200 or 1800' not far from the parking area. I do not even know whether I could locate the little guidebook to the area, but I'm certain you could get all of the information needed from the rock gym in Appleton. (The guy who owns the gym, Paul, did a lot of the first ascents up in Munising). Another thing to consider, especially if you will be around for three weeks, is the "Ice Pit" in DePere, WI--not very damned far from where you will be. The "topography" has been provided by a quarry operator, but it has similarities to all ice parks, in that water is sprayed over the cliffs. Last time I was there (years ago), it was operating as a business, but it has since become a club, or co-op. Might be worth a bit of investigation, as you might find ice within a reasonable proximity, plus climbing partners. PM me if you would like a contact number. Also . . . check your spelling of Wisconsin.
  13. Don't need the pack, Dima, but will offer a testimonial. I own two McHale packs--a big boy like the one pictured, and a smaller ice/rock/alpine pack, which I believe is called the "Sarc." They are custom fitted, and sewn to the individual's dimensions, so that it is a true fitted pack, not just "close enough." Without a doubt, they are heavier than average (for comparable sized mass-produced packs), but they are absolutely the burliest built packs I have seen anywhere. I do not get as much regular use out of my big pack, but I have beaten the shit out of my smaller one for years, and am a genuinely satisfied customer. For overall utility, carrying comfort, and quality of construction, they are damned difficult to beat. Disclaimer: for what it's worth, I do not know Dima, and although I have met Dan McHale on a couple of occasions (for pack fittings), I have no association with his company (other than having been a customer). Good luck selling the pack, and hope it finds a good home!
  14. Hey, Matt Anderson, did you need crampons/boots, or were sneakers and a light axe sufficient? We are obviously trying to lighten our loads, and minimize the deadweight we hump up the rock pitches. We do not want to leave behind the crampons, however, if they will be necessary. After your descent (I assume down the south side), did you continue down the Colchuck Glacier, or traverse around to Aasgard?
  15. Have tentative plans to try Colchuck Balanced Rock on Sunday. If we hike in early, do the climb, hike out that night (without a camp), do we need an Alpine Lakes Wilderness permit? My understanding is that we do not, as long as we do not camp. Also, does anyone have current information on snow conditions (or lack thereof) on approach, route, descent? Your input would be most appreciated, as we are hoping to hoof-it in in tennis shoes, and carry light axes, leaving the boots and crampons at home. Thanks!
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