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  1. Infinite Bliss -this Sat, Sept 25

    Probably lurking. I dont need him to help me chop shit. Wimpy skinny fuckers want to talk shit. You talk here on the internet. I'll talk my shit by lopping off bolts. First garbage dropp off will be at pube club tuesday. See you there.
  2. Jeff Hansel

    Isn't he in yosemite
  3. Infinite Bliss -this Sat, Sept 25

    No need to. Sounds like people are already grumbling about doing it for free of charge..
  4. Infinite Bliss -this Sat, Sept 25

    I'm not really interested in Garfield. I'd rather take pictures of flowers or watch water freeze. But I am aware of some people that will bolt anything they can. The funny thing is I read in one of those "climber\loser or rockandloser rags" about one of the route setters claiming something to the effect of nobody is going to complain about too many bolts on that one. Man way to stir some shit up for himself. If maybe he shut his pie hole he might have been better off than spraying it out in such a way to climber ragazines. Then drilling in wilderness and cutting in trails. It's like they ask for it. I guess they don't really give a fuck is what it spells to me. Not like I am going to cop it and chop it (or maybe I will if I got riled up) but just some perspective...
  5. Infinite Bliss -this Sat, Sept 25

    After that, there are maybe less than 2 bolts per pitch not including anchors to the top of 18. There must be one bolt per pitch then.
  6. Infinite Bliss -this Sat, Sept 25

    I say leave it here. Chop Chop
  7. Infinite Bliss -this Sat, Sept 25

    Anyone want to climb the standard route this weekend?
  8. Fee Demo Extended

    What is the WCC's position? Seems to me like they are in a position to exist but not to talk about any real issues so far. I'd like to see some action. ML has offered up the usuals. But those services were in place before the user fee demo. There is evidence it doesnt all necessarily go into what you might call hiker or backcountry user - I found info MS Helens had bought some movie projectors with user demo money.. Lie about how they use it too.
  9. need help with photoshop

  10. Alaska Stoke

    That pic of thadsboner looks like you nightfly
  11. need help with photoshop

    insert floppy startup disk go to start then hit reboot after it reboots to dos in the black window type in "format /q /v:VOL c:" and hit enter. If prompted keep hitting enter or yes remove floppy and reboot
  12. Conditions NR Stuart?

    Stick yer face in it or shut up is what I think.
  13. Conditions NR Stuart?

    One of these days they'll have a gondola and web cam up there to stuart lake. Can you make a winter ascent in the fall? Probably not. But you can certainly find winter conditions in the fall. And that is what "winter climbing" is all about right? Most complaints or arguments I see stemming from this debate is someone climbed something in winter conditions during say non calendar winter then someone else just wants to complain or nitpick about it... But then again - I could see winter conditions in summer I suppose for short periods on some peaks. For a rack I would take baby blue, green, black, and orange metolius cams, a set of stoppers and 8-10 slings. I would bring some bigger pieces for gendarme.... Oh and nope I have no idea what the conditions are like. Even if I was up there 4 days ago I would only guess. You'll probably have to stick your face into it on your own...
  14. first set of crampons

    hello - I have charlet vasak. The ones that have the binding system that will fit on nearly any footwear. They are steel and climb really well. They would be good for starters on waterfalls that freeze or most any mountain situation. Although if you climb waterfalls in the winter often I would suggest something else to do that.. They have the supportive points behind front points and are fairly light for being steel. The flexlock binding is the best for all around for me. These I would recommend for a good set of first crampons.
  15. Pete Schoening

    Sucks man. Wish I could have met the dude. He climbed Mt Saugstad first (among tons of others) with the late John Dudra. Looks pain in the arse to get to and scary in person..