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  1. Matt


    Mandolin Cafe in Tacoma. Nice pastries, cute coeds (I've got one of my own =) and sometimes soulful tunes.
  2. Congrats on joining the Peace Corps! Bring it with you if you're going where you might climb! At least bring your favorite climbing shoes and a chalk bag so you can impress the locals with your bouldering skills. It's those little things that feed your soul which will help you survive the difficult times. I'm an RPCV. One of the greatest things I ever did in my life.
  3. Is it the OW pitch on Rebel Yell?
  4. My plans for tomorrow (Friday) fell through. Anybody want to get out? I'm thinking easy alpine-- West Ridge of Stuart, Ingalls, even the tooth. I might just solo but I'd rather find a partner. Someone out there have Friday off?
  5. I'm working this weekend but would like to make plans to get out next week. Tuesday thru Friday to be exact. Day trips are good. Overnight is fine too! I've got a car, rack and haven't been climbing in a bit. I'm interested in long easy trad routes. West Ridge of Stuart. Prusik. WA Pass climbing. Index. I could be talked into hiking/alpine slogging. Shoot me PM.
  6. I've have about 30 or so. Here are some of my highlights: short order cook in a greasy spoon in walla walla grape picker in Australia Peace Corps Volunteer United Nations Volunteer Kindergarten teacher in Taiwan Paralegal in Tokyo Actor in Tokyo ticket puller at Cirque du Soleil writer Amba-lance jockey resident firefighter soon to be Paramedic
  7. Mmmm yeah. Didn't you get the memo? Freshies!
  8. I've got Friday off from school and plan on skiing at Alpental. Anyone game? I'm a telemarker, but whatever you do is fine by me. Let's carpool...
  9. Get a fishing licence. The Parking pass comes with it at no extra cost.
  10. Saikhan bain aa. How's your Mongolian coming along? I can barely remember the sounds... your pictures remind me of a saying my friend taught me in Khentii-- "Emectei khun khavariin tenger shig ashtei." Loosely translated as "a woman's spirit is like the sky in spring..." Not the best pick up line but you'll get a few laughs while drinking arkhi with the boys. Have fun and be safe.
  11. Climbed Mt. Baker via Colman-Deming this past weekend. We saw very few people and the snow pack was amazingly low. We didn't bring skis or snowshoes. Bluebird skies, too bad we forgot the camera!
  12. Thailand. Good climbing. Girls. Cheap. Good food. Beautiful place. Wonderful people. They need your money.
  13. Matt


    As the Mongols say, "Daus khevel oostel, ajil khevel doostal." If you add salt be sure it desolves, if you begin something, work until you're finished.
  14. I've been saving up my vacation time for a trip to the valley in May. I think I'd like to drive down and stay two weeks. We should carpool...
  15. Sain Yavarai! (Have a nice trip!) Bolgomjtoi baigarai! (Be careful!)
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