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  1. newest member!

    Someone be happy for me, I'm getting my first ice climbing lesson at cascade crags in everett, i heard it was a decent place, and im fucking stoked. Hopefully i wont suck huge cock
  2. Freshies

    As long as we are discussing new ski/snowboarding "jargon," Pow-pow and freshie are indeed synonomous, Ski-po are the asshole ski patrol sticking us for building jumps, unipoling is what one does when one breaks wipes out and breaks a pole against their hip, and a took (rhymes with duke) is a turok, or a knitted hat with a ball but not a tassle.
  3. Mount Shuksan - Price Glacier

    I was up there in late June last summer, up there being only the parking lot. The road was blocked miles before the head and it was pouring rain. We instead drove around and tried Baker again, shitty weather, another story. From what I know the weather is really tempermental and it seems early June is too early, but with the snowfall we are getting this year, one never knows. I hope to get up there this summer too, add it to my growing list of climbs/rides/kayak trips. So thanks David and Norman for your info cus itll help me as well. Good luck this summer Garvin. Hey, just cus im too lazy to run downstairs and look myself right now, what year was 50 Crowded published?
  4. Fave all time climbs

    hikerwa- "Or maybe I like ed because of VL?" Please tell me you jest. I'm glad he refused to help the world class climbers get out of a crevasse 30 feet deep, when they can walk around and climb up the damn wall by themselves. And where'd the helicopters come from? In the words of fat comicbook store owner from The Simpsons: "Worst, Climbing Movie, Ever!"
  5. Fave all time climbs

    Limited experience: 1. Rainier/Cathedral Peak2. Messner is oldschool, Anker is new school3. So many including Devils Thumb, Liberty Ridge, The Grand
  6. Good Habbits for a Long Career

    Write a book. Shit write 10 books, you dont have to be anyone nowadays to write one. Once your published you're immortal. Imagine your book on the shelf in Joe Climbers library next to Messner, Becky and Bonnington. Sounds good don't it?
  7. Good Habbits for a Long Career

    Ice Fest? Como Ice Fest?
  8. Fave all time climbs

    Call it corny, but for the hell of it 1. Favorite Climb?2. Favorite Climber?3. Always-wanted-to-do-that climb?
  9. rainier climb for geezers

    Well I hope they arent going to be going up without any exposure to altitude on prior training climbs. Go climb Baker or Adams or Hood first, hell, all three. Spend the night high on the mountain, make it an enjoyable summit day and stay hydrated. Then take a 2 or 3 day ascent of Rainier, a possible second day at base at 10,000 never hurt anyone that I've heard of. The only problem is the time, memorial day is the closest 3-day weekend but too early probably. I was up there memorial day 2 years ago, 70 MPH winds and freezing temps enough to solidify my cliff bar inside my pack enough to chip my tooth. So take it easy on your approach but only after being exposed to high altitude recently and often in the season. Have a good climb. -Murph
  10. rainier climb for geezers

    Well, I summitted with my dad when I was 14 and he was 50. So we were on opposite extremes of our primes, but had a great climb anyway (repeat summit this summer if we can fit it in) but hey tell your son and his friend just to short rope you until a couple hundred feet from the top, then its all you. Hope you have a successful safe climb.
  11. Collest PNW town.............

    If your an all around outdoorsman, Outside Magazine voted Bellingham the best outdoor sport city in the country. So if you like cycling and kayaking also, like I do, your in right there.
  12. New Guy

    I'm only 16, not new to mountains but new to vertical ice. Where can I get my hands on some? I researched a indoor climbing wall in Everett made of styrofoam. I think I may jump on that option. Does anyone know any good spots for beginner climbers with true ambition?