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  1. Think that record is toast now. I asked Gator at the FF book signing about this and I think he said the record was like 4 or something. Gator did say they did it over many days though. Wow what next? A kid crawling up before it is able to walk?I crawl but thats because I get tired -kurt
  2. if you have a problem with me, why don't you muster up the courage of something at least resembling a man and confront me personally about it instead of hiding behind snide little comments in threads?
  3. Absolutely true, I have been given dirty looks on the seldom occasion that I may pass someone. Slow? move over and deal with it.Don't be pissed at others for your lack of conditioning
  4. Amazing I believe that is the youngest. I read that a 7 or 8 year old girl was the youngest recorded.
  5. Just stay back a hundred yards or so It is the same as any team on the route
  6. Yeah be nice. I don't find it weird that someone would need to find out how to get to muir before they did a RMI deal or a summit attempt on their own. I have done rainier several times and I don't know how to get to anywhere on Baker. Gotta start somewhere. Also if it isn,t too late get your money back and shadow RMI with a couple of buddies and stay in the trough on a sunny day.
  7. Mention you saw this ad on C.C. com and get a discount or introductory week free?Was my grammar acceptable for the future leaders on this site?
  8. The masses have spoken, I can live with that. Suz you should have been on this site a couple years ago it was not only acceptable to use the term little bitch in an endearing manner but it was protocol.I usually handle an insult with a return insult. I see you slipped yourself in calling me " a little Bitch.See how fun it can be ? Deep breath , aahhhhh. Now don't you feel better.
  9. Post deleted by Dan_Larson
  10. I am just trying to get a point across and you are trying to lessen my opinion because of grammar ? I think what I was saying is plenty clear now quit being a little bitch
  11. The fixed line is at the base of the cleaver this is much higher and I correct myself it was more like 100+ feet And thanks for the advice on the speed of my writing Gary how is this....F....U...C...K...O...F...F
  12. Would your response be the same if a death was involved. I must be the only one seeing my reasoning. I was merely saying unroped is a better option than high risk otherwise. I was pointing out that protection should be placed on a RMI route in those situations read it more slowly and I am sure it will come to you
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