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  1. Biggest SandBag [Local Route]

    East Face of Chainti Spire. How about Last Waltz or Powder in your eyes at Smith. Now those are tough 12c's.
  2. Smith Classics

    Cat Scan - 11a Magic Light - 11a Vomit Launch - 11b Moondance - 11b Wartley's Revenge - 11b Blood Shot - 11c Rawhide - 11d Reason To Be - 10d Kunza Corner - 10c Double Trouble - 10b Tale of Two Shitties - 10a Heathen's Highway - 10a Trezlar - 10a White Satin - 9 Out of Harm's Way - 8
  3. Top 3

    1. Independence Route on Liberty Bell 2. Colchuck-Balanced Rock 3. Liberty Ridge 3a. Nooksack Tower
  4. Let's Talk Hand Cracks!

    Le Piller de touche (Split Piller) - Squamish..........10b
  5. lost my **** shoes

    I was on Snow Creek wall Monday and yesterday and saw no shoes at the trail head or along the way.
  6. Darrington Dreamer Thursday

    Did Dreamer last week - fun route.
  7. When do you have a cigar?

    Cigars are like fine women - nice to play with but dont make a habbit out of them. I had one the other day after a nice long climb.....Opus XXX from Aurtoro Fuente. Finist cigar there is.
  8. Overhand Knot for Rap

    I think the overhand know is awesome for rappelling. However when I rap with two different size ropes I always use the double fisherman's. my 2 cents I'm out
  9. One

    God I love it when I'm in the zone. I dont do anything sissy like sing or anything, but it seems as though I can see and feel the rock's (or ice, or mountain's) weakness and flow over it like a water. Every sport, or athelete who loves their sport for this very reason. I golf with a few guys who are fanatical about the game and they site the same feelings.
  10. Quotes about climbing

  11. Quotes about climbing

    .to strive ..to seek ...to find ....& not to yeild I think it was shakespear. I first read the quote in the book seven summits. It was my mantra on my first Denali summit.
  12. Quotes about climbing

    it's no excuse in my book. Poor breeding stock.
  13. Quotes about climbing

    that boi doesn't count. He'll get his due.
  14. Quotes about climbing

    Security is mostly superstition. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. -Helen Keller