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  1. lil'dick pumpington

    Dick is out at the moment, but if you care to leave a message, put your mouth close to the mic and begin suckin'.
  2. Cloud Cap Road

    No Billy, we didn't climb Leuthold Couloir, but that is because we didn't know how many pickets that we would need to leave behind, as to rappel the route.
  3. Mt Jeff TR

    I climbed JPG on July 4th and saw your guys boot track. Did you know that where you were walking on the north ridge over to the summit pinnacle, was a gigantic cornice (that whole ridge-line is corniced) that is getting ready to peel off any day now? Anyway, we stayed on the crest of the knife-edge ridge(more fun climbing and more safe than traversing under all those loose blocks) and then climbed a ramp system to an ice arete, to the summit. We were the only people climbing on the 4th and the climbing conditions were perfect. Lots of fun! [ 07-06-2002, 02:50 PM: Message edited by: Richard Pumpington ]
  4. Found! Scot'teryx' Montana Cousin!

    Yeah, but I thought Scot'teryx wore one of those neoprene facemasks, like in his other impressive summit photo.
  5. Cloud Cap Road

    The road opened to Inspiration Point on June 25th and all the way to Cloud Cap on June 26th; climbed Sunshine on the 27th.
  6. Double vs single wall (again)

    You can't compare a Bibler tent to a Kelty tent; it's like comparing a Porsche to a Yugo. If your going to buy a double wall tent, go with a company that has proven themselves in the mountains (ie. North Face,Bibler,Mountain Hardware). One company that makes a great proven tent, is Wild Country. The "Mountain" tent is a 2 person tent,has a large vestibule on both ends and has similar weights to most other 2 person double wall tents. Think about weather or not you want to potentially hang your ass out on the line, with a Kelty.
  7. Yo Momma's so...

    Touche'! But what about when you were having sex with your sister and she said "your better than dad is" and you said "yeah, that's what mom said". You ever get cleared of those sodomy charges?
  8. Denali - Climbing Report

    Mr.Radon, great job on Denali! It took me 4 trips there, to get to the summit. And you guys are just tearin' me with the "Scot'cock model", as is Mr. Muir on Saturday! [ 06-22-2002, 06:45 PM: Message edited by: Richard Pumpington ]
  9. Yo Momma's so...

    Yo Trask, Long time, no shit flip, so here we go with the only "your mama" joke I know that hasn't already been posted. Trask, your mama is so fat, that when she wears a Malcom X t-shirt, helicopters land on her back.
  10. Hood North Face

    Right on! Great climbing on a great route. Climbed the left variation some years back; fun,exposed climbing, in an amazing setting. Good climbing! Cheers.
  11. What's with the "hits" counter?

    No Tim, I don't want you to remove the freshiez counter, just a little spray your way. Just do whatever you can to keep CC.com from becoming any- thing like SummitPost.com; DO NOT make Scot'teryx a moderator!
  12. Rockin Day at Vantage

    As spraymeister of this site, I am really pissed off! What the hell just went on here? I was gone for 8 hours and all hell broke loose. Now Scot'teryx is shoving Wheat Grass up his ass and calling it "sweet". This is not freakin elementary school here kiddies, just a plain freak show! If you want to shove Wheat Grass up your ass, go to SummitPost.com, not here. If Scot'teryx wants to leave with his Wheat Grass inserted in his ass, that is fine - sick but fine.
  13. What's with the "hits" counter?

    I think you know that this was a jab at Scot'teryx and all the losers over at SummitPuss.cum and not directed at Tim (directly).
  14. What's with the "hits" counter?

    What a witty response! Are you 13?
  15. What's with the "hits" counter?

    Then why doesn't he call it the "freshiez hits counter", so we would know it was him?