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  1. Howdy all... I'm heading off to Banff and anything else nearby for the month of September. Never been before, and I'm pretty excited to have a nice chunk of time to play with. Anybody have any must-dos, or must-visits, or must-drinks, or general tips and tidbits to share? Mmmm, Canada... m
  2. Just wanted to toss in a for the pair of SAR folks from Swift, and for the partner who did such an incredible job by acting fast and doing things right. We were on our way in Saturday when he was running out, and were on our way up to the accident site when the Blackhawk came in. We were relieved to hear, on Sunday, that they'd extracted him the night before, while we were watching from camp. Erik, if you can pass on our best wishes, I'd appreciate it. I wish we could've done more for him, but we brought their backpacks out the next day, and left them with the Swift SAR couple who were going up to retrieve their pack. Marcus
  3. yar! that's a long frickin' day... if i closed my eyes on the summit after all that hiking i'd probably be woken up by the hordes the next morning...
  4. whoops... [ 07-25-2002, 03:53 PM: Message edited by: Marcus Engley ]
  5. quote: I'd argue that Glacier peak is nowhere near 30 miles round trip....more like 20. I't be fun with a super light pack.Well, as I recall, it's about 10 into Boulder Basin. Tack 3 to 5 miles on to get to the summit, and that's pretty close to 30. Given the pace we were going and the time it took us, it sounds right to me...
  6. Well, you could still give Glacier a go, if you really wanted a workout. It'd be 25-30 miles and 8000 feet up and down, but one hell of a shakedown cruise, with very few technical problems. You could also start hiking in later Friday night, since it's only 1.5 to 2 hours to the trailhead. If you want approach beta, PM me. Other than that, for day climbs -- Whitehorse? Maybe too technical. Baker, as fred suggests, could definitely be done in a day, and a shorter one than Glacier for certain. m
  7. If you've got the weekend, which it sounds like you might, do Glacier via Sitkum. It's in real nice shape, and it's a good workout. Do it in a day if you feel spunkier, wouldn't be too bad with light packs...
  8. soha, go do it. i was up there saturday - sunday, and you couldn't ask for better conditions than you have right now. for whatever reason, there weren't as many parties on sunday as it sounds like there were on saturday. it's an easy 5 hours from boulder basin if you're not moving super fast, and a nice glissade (or ski) to within a couple hundred yards of camp. have fun! frostbite looked tasty too... hit la hacienda in arlington for some good mexican afterward...
  9. Thanks 'Space! Just what I was looking for... By the way, thanks again for the holds! marcus
  10. Snowy still? Should be nice and melted out, with all this sun - anybody been up there to see recently? Thanks! m
  11. You can chase shade in City of Rocks, but if you don't catch it, it'll probably be REALLY hot. Take some sunscreen. You can do the same thing at Maple, and there's a lot of rock that'll be shady at any given time of the day. There's always American Fork too - plenty of shade there, if you pick the time right.
  12. And there was much rejoicing...
  13. quote: Originally posted by gh: how early can you get on the bell? I was thinking liberty crack or the thin red line. Is mid to late may realistic? too much snow??? can't get there until the pass opens-- mid may, it looks like...
  14. Cruising down the late season bobsled run that always builds up on the Inter Glacier, I made the classic glissade/motorcycle/driving mistake-- don't look where you don't want to go! Stared at a big rock long enough for it to end up right in my crotch... No permanent damage, except to my pants.
  15. quote: Originally posted by erik: quote:Originally posted by Marcus Engley: Toproped this route this weekend, and I'd say that it IS independent enough to be its own line, and that it wouldn't protect naturally. That said, we toproped it, and had plenty of fun. I was surprised to find it bolted when we got there... so since you can top rope it easily, are you still saying that there needs to be bolts there???? people top roped problems are great and in my book take nothing away from ones ego or stature as a climber.......cuz we all know thats what it is about....... Read the second sentence in my post. I could care less if the bolts were there, b/c, as I said, I had fun TRing it. It wouldn't be an especially challenging lead, as there's only really one crux, and the hardest moves are with a bolt at your waist. My post was only a data point, not an argument for, or against, the bolting. m
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