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  1. Here are some facts. In the early sixties the Desplaines river (near Chicago) used to catch fire and burn out of control for days. In the early sixties Lake Michigan was dead. Every fish in the entire lake died in a matter of a few days. There were dunes of dead fish on the shore around Chicago. The stench was unbearable from miles away. That is what will happen again to any place we let profit motivated corporations have their way in. The latest technology in drilling for oil in Alaska uses Beryllium as a lubricant for the bits. It is pumped into the holes in large quantities and comes back out in large quantities to be piled in waste dumps near the drilling site. Beryllium is a highly toxic heavy metal that somehow escaped being labeled as a toxic substance by the EPA during the Reagan administration. Golly, more republican science? So now it can and is dumped where ever it seems handy. I do not need a scientist to anylize the details to know that there was nothing alive for fifty yards from the piles I saw. Go see it for yourself and then if you still think we should drill in the largest calving ground in the word for numerous species, give yourself a Beryllium enima.
  2. quote: Originally posted by carolyn: funny joekania I echo Gregs response. Ive found it really puts me in the moment....somewhat healthier way of forgetting shit (bills, relationships, work, etc) than Ive used in the past. Ya, ya, I know the "healthy" part might be debateable. I also enjoy how it challenges me to think differently. i (think) I kind of like scaring the shit out of myself. And of course, its FUN! Ive always loved being outdoors. Climbing has taken my respect and enjoyment for the outdoors to a different level. Nice post Bronco Too much. My wife's name is Carolyn and she would rather see me die on a freeway than have a good time in the mountains. That's why I do it.
  3. Boyscouts. Troop 9. 1968. seven of us braced against a rock wall and put our feet against the top of a VW bus sized rock. It rolled. It bounced. It went over the cliff. The ground shook. The boyscouts screamed in delight.
  4. I got cut off from CC.com at work. They have some sort of scanner for email and web traffic and you guys set off alarms like a Polaris submarine running aground on the coast of Siberia. Then when I get back on line, I find that you have been having an intelligent conversation. Is this a conspiracy? And what about the Ross ice shelf that is now the biggest iceberg in 2300 yrs? That's a fairly long time even by climitalogical standards. After all this discourse, hasn't anyone ever heard of the studies of particulates in the ancient ice on both poles? Our ice, that from the last 100 years, is consistantly dirtier than ANYTHING they have found from earlier times except for short intermittant periods of volcanic dusting. Shit. Now I have to go read scientific journals to find what I am talking about.... This is really going to hurt.
  5. Right on Dennis. We are living in a world economy that is based on oil and steel production. It is our legacy to leave more shit in the atmosphere than any generation before us. It is damn fun being one of the richest societies in all history. Too bad we are shitting on the following generations.
  6. The Becky guide has a pretty good general description of the route. Once you get on the route, you just follow the slings and pins. Cutting across the slabs or snow field in the middle of the face is probably the crux if it is melted down significantly. Take a medium rack with a few extra small wires and lots of slings for slinging trees and shrubs.
  7. Now you will sell the family heirlooms to buy gear. Beware! There is no twelve step program and those who pretend to be your friends really just want you to belay them on their next project.
  8. My Cascade "small rack" has about a dozen pieces with enough biners and slings to clip 8. One mid size camalot, three or four slung stoppers and a run of small wires. For a "mid sized" rack I throw in a few TCU's and two small tricams and a large Camelot, maybe some more wires if it looks thin, or another large camalot if it looks fat. For a "large rack" I look at the route, consider the strength of my partner, and start hanging gear.
  9. Dennis, would you mind posting a recent picture so if I see you out in the mountains I can marvel that you are still alive?
  10. Great TR. Beer N burger for 5 bucks at the WR. Right on. Gotta love that 9%. I don't remember the rest of my trip.
  11. Let's face it. Most of you are climbers because it's the only thing you weren't kicked out of. Now you are here by choice because it is the only place you can be yourself with more than one person listening and not get droned out by scoffs and laughter. Thank you for not hanging out at my favorite places.
  12. Duh? Removing bolts placed beside cracks just feels good.
  13. I had one of those. My first wife popped it. It was an ugly divorce.
  14. quote: Originally posted by erik: keith i am the nicest person alive........ i am not right nor wrong........ my ideas are mine.......take what you want from them..... just dont ever call me a thief......ever... i am not an elitest either....ask anyone who knows me................ I'm glad you are not a theif. But nice? Your flames are too consistent to believe that. I know a lot more cimbers who will not look on this board than those who will because of the locker room mentality and the unneccessary flaming. From what I have seen when I log on here, you are one of the meanest. Flame on dude, but don't call yourself nice......ever.
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