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  1. [TR] Mt. Rainier- DC 7/14/2005

    Think that record is toast now. I asked Gator at the FF book signing about this and I think he said the record was like 4 or something. Gator did say they did it over many days though. Wow what next? A kid crawling up before it is able to walk?I crawl but thats because I get tired -kurt
  2. ski from Muir?

    if you have a problem with me, why don't you muster up the courage of something at least resembling a man and confront me personally about it instead of hiding behind snide little comments in threads?
  3. Respect for others on Rainier

    Absolutely true, I have been given dirty looks on the seldom occasion that I may pass someone. Slow? move over and deal with it.Don't be pissed at others for your lack of conditioning
  4. [TR] Mt. Rainier- DC 7/14/2005

    Amazing I believe that is the youngest. I read that a 7 or 8 year old girl was the youngest recorded.
  5. How do I get to Muir?

    Just stay back a hundred yards or so It is the same as any team on the route
  6. How do I get to Muir?

    What did I do????
  7. RMI Accident

    I'm sorry
  8. How do I get to Muir?

  9. How do I get to Muir?

    Yeah be nice. I don't find it weird that someone would need to find out how to get to muir before they did a RMI deal or a summit attempt on their own. I have done rainier several times and I don't know how to get to anywhere on Baker. Gotta start somewhere. Also if it isn,t too late get your money back and shadow RMI with a couple of buddies and stay in the trough on a sunny day.
  10. The Circuit Gym

    Mention you saw this ad on C.C. com and get a discount or introductory week free?Was my grammar acceptable for the future leaders on this site?
  11. RMI Accident

    The masses have spoken, I can live with that. Suz you should have been on this site a couple years ago it was not only acceptable to use the term little bitch in an endearing manner but it was protocol.I usually handle an insult with a return insult. I see you slipped yourself in calling me " a little Bitch.See how fun it can be ? Deep breath , aahhhhh. Now don't you feel better.
  12. diet?

    Post deleted by Dan_Larson
  13. RMI Accident

    I am just trying to get a point across and you are trying to lessen my opinion because of grammar ? I think what I was saying is plenty clear now quit being a little bitch
  14. RMI Accident

    The fixed line is at the base of the cleaver this is much higher and I correct myself it was more like 100+ feet And thanks for the advice on the speed of my writing Gary how is this....F....U...C...K...O...F...F
  15. RMI Accident

    Would your response be the same if a death was involved. I must be the only one seeing my reasoning. I was merely saying unroped is a better option than high risk otherwise. I was pointing out that protection should be placed on a RMI route in those situations read it more slowly and I am sure it will come to you
  16. diet?

    20lbs? Bill you were already one sexy man
  17. RMI Accident

    Sorry,that was my point They put in no protection and cross this regularly Unroped as bad as it sounds is better IMO than roped and exposed
  18. RMI Accident

    IMHO I don't think it would matter a whole lot whether the line was taught or not this stuff happens fast BTW I think most anyone would leave some slack in the rope unless they were totally ignorant and shouldn't be doing the activity anyways.There was slack when my training session was happening. I truly believe the main factor in making the even slightest bit of difference in reaction speed is conditioning and being aware of emergency situations along the route and certainly luck never hurt. I am most definitly sure the guide is in excellant shape.Speculation is one thing go check it out for yourself. Like i said it all looks good on paper. I have wondered about some of the things RMi does since safety is a priority with them especially dealing with less than experienced clientele. I will probably get a lot of flack for this since I don't know shit but. I wonder about some of the stuff RMI does. At about 13200-13500 (if I remember correctly) there has been the last couple of years a traverse on a steep section about 50 feet long with a life ending crevasse on the downhill side(huge)ROPED parties cross this section routinely with no protection Self arrest is IMPOSSIBLE and in my opinion should at least be crossed unroped so only 1 person loses their life if a fall occurs . To me 230 am seems way late to leave muir Seracs on the headwall heating up and breaking, killing people late in after noon (1980or 81 there was a little incident at the traverse between the flats and base of cleaver. Anyways I am rambling and setting myself up for abuse but it has been a while.
  19. RMI Accident

    self arrest technique and all this other good training seems to be a lot more sterile than what actually happens compared to when you are just reading about it in fredom of the hills or whatever.A few years ago in self arrest practice with the mountaineers in the Basic course myself and the 3 others roped to me were walking back up the snow slope we had just practiced a team arrest on ( we fell when instructed)The instructor motioned to the people behind me to do a fall to see how I would react under a more realistic situation ( I didn;t know it was coming) Big difference when you don't know it is coming. The fall was stopped but it took a while and if there was a crevasse nearby well you can figure out the rest.It made me think though and when I am slogging up one of the endless dog routes and sometimes all I can do is put one in front of the other and I am completely exhausted I wonder about that training session and how well I would be able to react to a fall at that moment. Hopefully adrenalin would kick in . I suppose stay within your comfort zone and rest when needed.I have taken a fall without a helmet in a moat at the base of the cleaver and it is scary, life evaluating stuff. That being said it is about time to be thinking about the D.C/. or the Emmons again
  20. Reservations Necessary?

    If you show up early when the ranger station opens you shouldn't have a problem at all . If memory serves me, only about half of the alloted spaces are allowed to be reserved the rest are first come first serve.
  21. FNA of Rainier?

    So that wasn't a boot track?
  22. Ingraham Direct

    Imho, there might be a boot track after today and tomorrow. But always stay within your comfort zone
  23. Rainier

    Need partner fri/sat. ledges or nisqually icefall. Wife needs car hopefully you can drive
  24. Rainier

    Climb covered thanks
  25. Ingraham Direct

    you stinker