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Kurt injured?


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Yes, Kurt was injured yesterday and is in Harborview ICU. I don't really want to post details now, especially as I don't know if I would get them right, but crazyjz and I will be going to see him this afternoon. Say a prayer for him if you do that sort of thing.
It's a good thing he is at Harborview. They are among the best in the country for treatment of head injury. My son was treated there.


Best wishes, Kurt, for a full recovery.

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This sucks. frown.gif And to think how many times I have conversed with Kurt about his job and its safety protocols.


I was thinking it would be nice to send him flowers and a card but that would be hard to do in the cyber world. I have an idea. I will do my part with the card as such:


Whoever wants, send me a PM with a short one-line get well message and I will hand-write those messages along with your name/avatar on an actual card.

Click here to send me that PM (must be logged in to do so). I'll try and get the card sent by Friday (I may take it there myself). That is to say, the deadline for your message would be Friday around 5:00pm.

If I get a lot of responses I may opt to put them on a poster instead.


I will be out tomorrow (Thursday).

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The latest update is that Kurt is still not concious, but this is probably because of the meds he is under recovering from the surgeries. He did squeeze a visitors hand though. He took quite a fall onto some rockery, and apparently has a sizeable dent. He may not be up for hanging out with visitors for a while. He also punctured a lung in the fall, but obviously most concerning is the head injury.

I'm going to go visit him with Hansel and Mark tomorrow afternoon, and I'll pass along everyone's best wishes.

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Well, myself an his other good friends John Zehran, Kellie, and arborists Mickey, Roger, Gator, and Jack spent a good amount of time with him yesterday. He is improving, but his injuries should be clearly viewed as serious. His parents are holding up well.


Right now, visitors are important, but to a clearly defined limit. He is in burn ICU (only because of space requirements), and they enforce a limit. His parents have asked that I or John Zehran be their interface on this subject. If you feel that it is appropriate for you to visit, please call me. If you do not have my cell, please PM Oly, Off, Michele, or Tanstaafl. But in all honesty, I feel that I have already contacted those people whose visitation is appropriate. But I could have made a mistake.


JZ has suggested that some frozen cassaroles for his folks would be a good idea. I agree. Please PM me, Oly, Off, or tanstaafl, and I will see that they are picked up. We could also use someone who could help Kurt's mother and I hack into his home PC. His bills etc are on his PC, and I turned it off, and now because it is password protected, we can't turn it back on.


If anyone else has any good ideas of ways to help, please offer them up. Also, his helper Alex could use some work in the future. By his handling of the initial emergency, I can vouch that Alex is a good man.

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I suspect that the folks that work with computers for a living might have more to say about this, but if all that you need to get past is the initial Windows2000 or XP password, you can find instructions that allow you to get past these on the internet.

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I first met Kurt last fall at Rope-Up. I have to say, he and I had a laughing-our-asses-off-rolling-in-the-dirt good time setting up for the slideshow and getting the fires going. We never shared a brew we didn't like.


Here's to you, Kurt, and a very speedy full recovery. bigdrink.gifbigdrink.gifbigdrink.gif

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