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  1. Hey all, I am getting rid of my bouldering wall, complete structure, and holds. Not climbing anymore, was going to keep it up for my son in case he gets interested but we need the storage space so needs to go. Will go with lots of spare T-nuts, mounting hardware, etc, and some more holds that are not in the picture. It is roughly 10 ft in height from the bottom to the top and 16' long. I will help disassemble, but purchasing party will need to help take it down, mostly so they can mark it as they wish for reassembly. It has a small trap door in the right hand lower panel for access to an electrical panel that could easily be fixed shut. The wall is located in Bellingham, feel free to email (do not PM me here, I don't come here enough to see them) to anderson7149ATcomcastDOTnet -Thanks in advance. -Chad Untitled by petzlquark, on Flickr
  2. Hey, Dan, One of my old climbing partners saw this post and emailed me- sorry to hear about the rough times, but glad to hear some of your vision has returned. I'll PM you my contact info; perhaps some time I could stop by and say hi. I occasionally make the trip down to the Duthie Hill bike park and could easily take a detour toward you. Hope things continue to improve. All the best, Chad
  3. Thanks, Bill. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Hell, might even prompt me to dust off the 'pons and axe and stumble up the South Side with the old bros one day. Cheers, Chad
  4. Thanks for all the patience of the purchasers out there, getting to the bottom of my library shipment! Notable leftovers (can't believe it's still here!) Alpine Select (McLane) White Spider/Harrer Might make great leftover reading, so if no one wants 'em, I'll certainly keep 'em. Cheers, Chad
  5. Cool, gotcha Kurt. Kearney has been spoken for, but the other two are spoken for. Let me know when you're in town, and maybe I can meet you at BB for an IPA, or you can cruise out to my place sometime. I'd be good to catch up, anyway Cheers, Chad
  6. Ok, so what's left that's of notable value- Squamish Select (great guidebook) Sean Isaac/Mixed Climbing Freedom of the Hills VOl 7 Hardcover Classic Climbs of the Northwest (Kearney) North Cascades Traverses (Kandiko) Alpine Select (McLane) Come get 'em, great books. Soon, they go to the local bookstore where the'll be much more expensive.
  7. Ok, back on the auction block- Freedom of the Hills Vol 7 Rainier Guidebook (Gauthier- signed by him in '05, but has wrinkled cover.) Extreme Alpinism Alpine Select (McLane) Gone are- High Sierra Washington Ice CAJs Lowe Ice World and probably some others, too Trying to keep it all straight. Still have Squamish Select- great book! Chad Will check back in tonight after papa duty is relinquished and little one is in bed.
  8. Lots of stuff still available. High Sierra Supertopo Washington Ice (well worn but worth something to someone) Squamish Select Nelson's Selected Cascade Climbs I & II Lowe Ice World Minus 148/Art Davidson 2010 AAJ Lots of Accidents in North American Mountaineering And a few more. Not breaking anyone's bank here, so feel free to send me a PM- I'm checking as often as I can. Thanks for looking, Chad
  9. Or, devils advocate, just go ahead and treat them. The factory treatment will only last so long. Might as well go ahead and waterproof them before you end up on a trip with wet feet. It's just like anything else, your mileage may vary. I like the Nikwax stuff, worked well for me. I waited for my old leather Boreals too long, then they leaked...treated them and they were clearly much better.
  10. Ok! SOooo....after sifting through all the PMs, this is what is tentatively spoken for. Oregon High All the Joe Simpson books Kiss or Kill (Twight) High Alaska Canadian ICe West Coast Ice Winter Dance Big Sky Ice Waddington Guide FOTH 7th Edition Rainier Guide (Gauthier) Extreme Alpinism Alpine Climbing (Mountaineers) Climbing- Training for Peak Perf. Teton Guide 11,00ers Field Guide Wilderness Medicine Lowe Ice World Crevasse Rescue (Selters) I'll be in touch with all that PM asap- tomorrow I work, but I might be able to check back again tonight. I'm piling up books with YOUR names on them (that's you PMing people) so let me know what works and what doesn't. Thanks for all the responses. After tonight, I'll check back in again Tuesday, so stay tuned! Chad
  11. Ok, sheesh! Wow, evidently the guidebooks are in demand, which is good. Glad people are looking to get some use out of these I'll respond to people tonight after I get some free time to rifle through all the responses (in order received). BTW, GRIVEL CRAMPONS ARE GONE/SOLD.
  12. I have some stuff laying around from my climbing days; thought someone would get some use out of it, rather than collect dust on my shelves! Here's some pics of the books- there's quite a few. Make an offer on the books; the buyer will be responsible for shipping. All the books are in varying condition; just post here for condition and I will answer. I also have a set of Grivel Rambo crampons, and a cool, old school Grivel crampon pouch that will go with it. I believe I have some old replacement points for it, and if I dig around, I probably have some new in a package. 60 bucks plus shipping, firm. I only do paypal, unless someone lives in Bellingham that is interested in this stuff. At that point, of course, cash and pickup at my place is fine. One other thing; with little tyke here, and shifts of work, sometimes it takes a few days to get to a post office; just a heads up. I'll check here as often as I can, but be patient. Feel free to ask any questions. -Chad
  13. Donn, Thanks for the trip report and happy to have you any time! Great pics and the "dog pork" Ziploc photo really made us laugh. Here's to another great trip for you up there. Best Regards, Chad and Megan
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