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  1. Does anyone know if the Silver Skagit road is open now to Hozomeen? All I see is this but not sure if I am to trust it: B.C. Highway Flood Recovery Projects - Silver Skagit Road - Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca)
  2. Stefan


    Gentlemen. The last word in the acronym REI is "Incorporated"
  3. That is an incredible turn around time for this mountain. Amazing logistics. I guess you are Eric Gilbertson--you have gained a mastery for this.
  4. comparatively for you...this almost seems like it was one of the easiest....and then comparatively for me...it would stand out as one my greater achievements....
  5. Oh man. I am sad to hear this.
  6. On weekends in the winter now. I always think....what is EG doing?
  7. Do more in Southwest British Columbia.
  8. Wow. Holy moly. I remember those days. I was hiking on a path at 800 feet in elevation. I was drinking beer. I watched movies. fricken amazing.
  9. How many of you have been to the beaches in Costa Rica? It seems there is always a dude with a BIG boom box trying to shove his music into everyone around him. It doesn't seem to bother the locals. It bothers me...and I am not a local...which then tells me...Am I the cranky old guy now? Yeah, that stupid boom box shit on the trail. Yes. That is inconsiderate too. Wear fucking headphones people. Yes, it is inconsiderate if there is a "cultural" norm. The norm is not to do the boombox on the trail....and the norm may be okay for boom boxes on the beaches of Costa Rica.
  10. I do care. I just don't have a formenting rage. This is kind of like "excessive speeders" I find on the highways.... Its more like: If I am there and I here that sound....then I am pissed off. But if I am not there, and I see the drone footage, then I would think it's kinda cool...and a little bit irked at the same time they went around the rules....
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