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  1. Whatcom Peak? Easy Peak

  2. The rock on Mt. Rainier is not the same as on Mt. Stuart. Always more rockfall danger on volcanoes.
  3. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    Sadly the Renton sweet granite went away. Or was it there?
  4. that is quite impressive.
  5. that is great! digging for 1.5 hours to find a door adds flavor to the trip!
  6. sold! Entry level ice tools and axes

    I will take the black diamond ice axe. I can meet you in Sodo
  7. for sale Moving to Japan - need to thin the closet

    Can I have pics of: Helmet Women's Helly Hansen Ski Pants Marmot Women's Medium PRECIP full side zip hardshell pants Thanks! Stefan 253-878-2320
  8. sold! Mountain Hardwear Down Jackets

    sent a pm on red jacket
  9. Well, I am going to have to digest this over a couple bottles of wine over the next weeks. Whoa.
  10. When I was 17, I wanted to drink beer, cruise with my friends in their cars, and hit home runs. You put me to shame!!! You go!
  11. Latok I North Ridge Rescue?

    Wow. On so many levels. One. The attempt. Ballsy. Two. He lives for many days after his partner dies. Three. The rescue.