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  1. I put it on my calendar to check on this thread in two years.
  2. Is there anything you two can't do? Paragliding in Kauai on a trip. Video is fricken awesome.
  3. Like seeing smiles on trips! Good on you!
  4. Did you summit?

    Sounds like all a bit verbal language. Climbing a peak does not necessarily mean you summitted. You can climb a route on peak and not touch the summit. I would still consider climbing a route... "climbing a peak". If you want to "summit" then you actually need to touch the top of the peak. My two cents aint worth a nickel.
  5. Dope! Love the writing on the wetness! Tropical Ice Climbing!
  6. confessional

    Fred Meyer hiking books were awesome!
  7. I totally agree. Ebikes are the way to go for many approaches now. I have one. I get about 4K of elevation gain out of it and around 25-30 miles with pedal assist. Trek Powerfly is what I have. But once you lose the pedal assist, and you have some uphill to go....you gotta push that monster uphill because the bike is heavy!
  8. [TR] Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range - Arrigetch 08/15/2020

    ummm......THAT KICKS ASS! WOW!
  9. Wow. Thanks for the write up. That first part of your trip. Heinous and very unique. Good on you for the challenge of the bushwacking for your entire group. Sorry about the accident. Amazing.
  10. Crystal Meth! Wow. In the bushes. Off of Liberty Bell. I wonder who was hauling that stuff up Liberty Bell.
  11. wow. that is really great info. I like how you put into precise bullet points.
  12. [TR] Sloan Peak - Superalpine 03/15/2020

    great going on the return!!
  13. [TR] Mt Hood - Yocum Ridge 03/08/2020

    Really good write up!!! Good on you!