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  1. found Found: Atlas Snowshoes

    I am trying to get the snowshoes to the rightful owners. Found a pair of Atlas Snowshoes amongst other things that were discarded and looked stolen on the side of the bike trail. I am trying to look for the owner. Please let me know what model and condition and the snowshoes are yours.
  2. [TR] West Fury - Mongo Ridge 07/05/2021

    Impressive detail. Impressive even more to climb that. Impressive even more to approach to the base!
  3. Alpine BUCKS

    I do not see deer above tree line. I always see deer on the road....on a paved road or a logging road.
  4. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    I never knew the lottery included XC Zones too. That is new to me. I thought it was just the Backcountry Zones that was applied to the lottery.
  5. Yeah. That is pretty much a badass trip. Well done!
  6. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    How did you get a permit for the XC zone at least one week in advance of the dates? The Park Service has told me I can't get a XC zone permit until the day before or the day of the trip. How did you do that?
  7. [TR] Whitehorse - Lone Tree Pass 05/22/2021

    I hope the young man is carrying the rope!
  8. [TR] Anderson - Eel Glacier 05/30/2021

    good times with the son!
  9. Thanks for sharing something remote! Sorry about the brand new ski breaking!
  10. That was a great write up on the route!
  11. I put it on my calendar to check on this thread in two years.
  12. Is there anything you two can't do? Paragliding in Kauai on a trip. Video is fricken awesome.