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  1. Rainier Infinity Loop: new FKT

    that is impressive. No need for mosquito repellant moving like that.
  2. fascinating to see Colin Haley pass you by unexpectedly!!!
  3. [TR] Mount Shuksan - Price Glacier 05/27/2018

    that is cool!
  4. [TR] Moose's Tooth - Shaken, Not Stirred 04/15/2018

    You make this sound like a normal god damned weekend trip. ...oh, I went to Alaska.... ...didn't know what to climb... ...as we were walking by Moose Tooth we decided to give this route a shot.... ...we were home the next day...
  5. Marc and partner missing in AK

    Thank you for the inspiration Marc.
  6. Water Filtration: is it necessary?

    No, I do not filter water. I do not own a water filter. I have never filtered water. I am in the outdoors about 30 days a year now. I used to be out in the outdoors about 100 days a year. I have never gotten sick. I selectively choose where I get my water. Do I get my water from: Outlet of a high use lake: No Downstream from a trail frequented by horses or humans: No Non moving puddles/bogs: No Everything else where I get my water: Yes
  7. Killer Pillar

    I am sure it is based on a true story!
  8. New Year New Goals

    My goal. Get out when I can. This climbing thingy comes after the priority with the family and job--gotta pay the gas bill to my climbing places somehow! No more days off for watching Seahawks. That's a relief.
  9. Oldest summit register

    Sadly...ASA Peak was removed by somebody. The person never submitted this valuable peace of History into the University of Washington archives either.
  10. that is good info. thanks!
  11. Seriously some great photos. Great framing. Great storytelling with those photos.
  12. question Alpine, ice climbing pack

    I know this sounds odd, but I really like the framing and how the light Osprey packs work. That being said, I do not like their setup for how the pack is...I just like the framing... If only I could get a marriage between Cilo and Osprey... maybe ask to buy an Osprey framing system...then send it to Cilo to custom make the pack part of it....
  13. sleep is for losers. You my friend, are NOT a loser.
  14. That is pretty darned cool. I knew a couple of people who did the Tatoosh traverse over 30 years ago in a day. There were no websites back then.