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  1. Been there. done that. don't need to repeat for me.
  2. Stefan


    so, how do I get some? I want to put them on my car. And on my skis. And on my ski helmet.
  3. I just over 50 years old. When I was a wee one in the third grade and fourth and fifth grade, I delivered newspapers to peoples homes on my bicycles. About 70 homes. Back then, I even read the paper. People bitched about the government's ineptitude then. Too many taxes. Wasted money. Nothing has changed in people's complaints about their own government. And yet things still work out. Just add another bitchfest to the pile.
  4. Stefan

    Is it Now?

    I have been climbing some granite in Renton.
  5. Cool!. I got me a question. The trailhead is low. The trail must cross the logging road a couple of times....do people use the trailhead because they can not get up the road due to a gate on the road? Just wondering for the future becuase...well, I would rather driver higher, and start higher if I could. Thanks for the info!
  6. Just saw this. I say donate...and ads. Ads specifically for outdoor people. I don't wanna see an ad for Gwenyth Paltrow and her candle "smells like my vagina" on here.
  7. wtf? You are missing a foot and you do this stuff? Damn.
  8. Thanks for the info. Unofficially that was named Hayden Peak. Now it will be Kloke. I never been up it....I think it might be worth a visit. I wish the timber company would allow us to have permits to drive that road..and that aint going to happen....from the west....you can bike it....it is a long ways on a bike on gravel roads.
  9. I am so used to the way things are. I guess I don't know what to think. I still believe Seattle is a major league farm club.
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