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Kurt injured?


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Kellie just left me a message that he was doing very well when she, and the Hortons were there. When I was there with Oly and Jeff Hansel, they had just inserted a feeding tube, and he was a little drugged up. All in all, thing seem upbeat. But he still has a huge way to go. thank you everybody.

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bro-brah is hanging tough. Hansel and I went to see him this evening, and things are looking up. It has been a very serious accident, and you should all be taking better care and thought of yourself as a result. Accidents can happen at any time, even at work.


I could tell that Kurt knew that I was that jerk from cc.com, and I was happy to see it. He still has a long road ahead of him, and he needs support from you. I know you have it in you.



Here is to Kurt spraying with us all soon on CC.com. bigdrink.giffruit.gif

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The "card" was delivered today along with Alpinist 16 (thanks to pms [Jim]).


Kurt has been moved from the Burn ICU to the Neurosciences Unit on the 3rd floor of the West Wing Hospital. He is (currently) in Room 380.


According to the Burn ICU nurses he is doing much better. I think he sort of recognized me but didn't know my name. He is mildly coherent some of the time.


One of his arborist buddies was there and said it would be cool if some of you were to visit him this weekend--even if just for a few minutes.


Parking in the west garage is readily accessible and not too expensive ($3 for 1 hour or less).


Here's to Kurt! Go Kurt! bigdrink.gif


And here's to icegirl for suggesting a monetary fund be set up for him. thumbs_up.gif

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As has been done for some of my diving friends when they've suffered devastating injuries, I was thinking perhaps we could band together and set up a recovery fund for Kurt.


Having worked at Harborview for 7 years, specializing in neurosurgery, I know the ramifications of such an injury. I understand not only the immediate costs (of which insurance will pay a reasonable bit of in theory) but also the continued cost of not only Physical Therapy, but keeping Kurts belongings (house, business, etc...) intact. Bottom line, as we all know, paying a morgage, etc.. can be pricey, even more so if one is waylaid in an ICU, and not able to bring in income. Knowing Kurt (though mainly from pub club and the site) I imagine he has savings, but recovery from an injury like this often takes some time.


What I'm thinking of is this, one of his close friends or family (someone who has access to his bank account and bills) set up a paypal account where we can all donate a few bucks. CC.com has a HUGE readership, and if each CC.com member donates just $5, less than the cost of two latte's, it could help give Kurt the time to recover and keep his business and home...


I'll make the first donation!


Other things we can do...


If you have used gear laying around to sell, we can pool it and sell it, all proceeds going to the recovery fund.


If any businesses who find this cause appealing, they can always pick a day and donate a percentage of the day's sales to the fund...


If we want to get really fancy, we can make green bracelets saying "arborist = tree surgeon"... (sorry, I'm just brainstorming here... )


what do people think?! Can we make this happen?


If he recovers really quick, and doesn't need it, then I am quite sure he'd donate the money to some climbing cause... but at least he'd have it to fall back on, and that is the important thing...




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One of his arborist buddies was there and said it would be cool if some of you were to visit him this weekend--even if just for a few minutes.


That is true. But people still need to be aware of the needs of his family, who are still concerned about over stimulation. If he is seemingly aggitated, please take a step back. Jack Carlson is there alot, and is an excellent guide to "Kurt protocol". His parents are there everyday from 8:00am to 3pm, and again from 8pm to `11pm. Their names are Frank and Margeret.

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I think the paypal account is a good idea, an easy way for donations to be managed. Medical insurance will help with that end of things, but as a self-employed person Kurt (like myself) has not been covered under L&I, which means there will be no time-loss payout from the state. Icegirl's sketch of the difficulty in keeping the rest of normal life intact as Kurt recovers is spot on, and a paypal account will lessen the managment burden for his closest support people while making it easy for donations of all sizes to be accomodated.


Kurt's strong in will and body, that will give him great odds in recovering, but his strength in friendships is no less. Kudos to you all, and especially those who are putting life on hold to be there for him.

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