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  1. I work with Jeff (Andy's husband) and have been friends with Andy and Jeff for years. When I heard the news, I was devastated. Several articles mention her service. If you are inclined to do something in memorium, here's the request: "Andy wouldn't want you to send flowers; instead, you can send a donation (just say that it is "in memory of Andy Basque") to the Pacific Crest Trail Association, c/o of Shari Hansen, 5325 Elkhorn Blvd., #256 , Sacramento , CA 95842 . And, if you want to do more, go out and plant a tree in Andy's name, and send a picture of it to me." -r
  2. Ah to be up there and not at my desk today.... The weather has been so off this winter. Nice change of pace this weekend. I am looking forward to a lot of good turns this spring. -r
  3. RogerJ


    Wow, I just read this whole thread. I need to detox. -r
  4. I first heard the news on the Fixed Gear listserve. By the time I posted this, most of the cycling blogs and websites had some mention of this. Not only was Sheldon a great resource for information, he had a passion for the sport that was unique in so many regards. -r
  5. For those of you who follow cycling to some degree, Sheldon Brown passed away last night of a massive heart attack. Sheldon was a cornucopia of information and will be missed. -r
  6. I used the Beacon Basin at Stevens recently and it was really great to practice several multiple burial scenarios and try different techniques. I am really glad that there is something operational near home and plan on utilizing it in the near future. Is there some fund or some way to help maintaint this so we have it available on an on-going basis? Thanks -r
  7. I bought a Giro helmet this year for inbounds. I have always had good luck with fit and comfort with their cycling helmets. I wore one touring the other day due to the terrain we were skiing. I strapped it on my back and my partner had his forward on his chest strap. He used it for holding gloves or other items which I thought was slick. It was cold this past Wed. That extra warmth was nice Cheers -r
  8. I have a Garmin Foretrex. It's small, light and I use it to get UTM coordinates to facilitate map and compass use. I also waypoint key landmarks to track back to. -r
  9. I did that once on a climb on Rainier. We came off the summit and drove home. I had visions of my SO being excited when I crawled into bed with her. Instead she chewed me a new one for getting the dogs all wound up and waking her up (it was about 2AM)! I'll not repeat that one again. -r
  10. I was always partial to: Because he was stapled to a punk. -r
  11. I prefer the ski down through the old crater variation. You can ski off the top, or walk the rim to the chute that feeds it in. Skiing from there also gives you the angle to catch some fun air off the hogsback, or to ski over to the west crater and get some steeper stuff in. -r
  12. Sweet we get to count imaginary ski days too? -r
  13. As of 1/3/2008 -> 12 ... 5 resort, 7 backcountry. I'd have more with all this snow if I didn't have this whole employment thingy interfering with my fun. -r
  14. I have DB Carbon poles and really like them. I had a really bad experience with the little button thingy on some older BD poles. I'll never buy poles with a button release again. The twist lock is OK, but the flicklock is easier to use in cold temps. I see Dyanfit has some light carbon poles out. Anyone have some experience with them? -r
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