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  1. "Give a man a mask and he will show his true face." --Oscar Wilde Pretty sure Wilde didn't know the internet would surface and provide so many a ready mask. The wearers seem unaware that they show their true face, despite the mask. On topic, generally, I'm against government subsidizing private companies.
  2. Southern Colorado - just a bit of a daily commute.
  3. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/north_korea_reportedly_punishing_rhHyKb5jpyMVVsk1EVI2sO
  4. TTK: the Van der Sloot of cc.com My thought is that TTK is more like the used-car salesman played by Bill Paxton in True Lies.
  5. Maybe, CC.com can start a fund to collect contributions for his needed therapy.
  6. Another story on the "War on Science" is professor emeritus of quantum mechanics from U. of Oregon, Amit Goswami's, growing popularity of "Quantum Consciousness" and pantheistic monistism.
  7. Dechristo

    Tim Tebow

    I believe, currently, they like the Pats over Denver by 7.
  8. Don't knock 'em. I don't know how many kids I'd be paying for without those great, re-useable (after a good wash), sheep intestine condoms. It should be every American's right to have them bitches gubbermint-supplied.
  9. Dechristo

    Tim Tebow

    God, that was a fuckin' awesome ugly bit of film. Tebow's a freakin' red-shirt rookie with a bunch to learn, yet. Elway has continued to say that he's not the Bronco's permanent starter for his lack of passing prowess. I could give a fuck about all the religious hype and BS. It's simply fun to watch the team continue to pull last minute wins from their collective asses.
  10. Yes, well, I can always hope for a doctored photo of Chaps sticking his head out the back window of a cop car or the front window of a truck stuck in the river.
  11. Probably more of a Hell for Christopher to be without whiskey.
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