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  1. The difference in specific gravity of Al vs Ti is 2.7 versus 4.506. So when density in factored in, a aluminum pot has to be 17.96 times thicker than a titanium pot. But these figures are theoretical. There are many other factors in real life which would play an important role in stove performance.
  2. Try? The testing is meaningless unless it is done in a controlled environmeny
  3. It's probable that Btu output is a variable to each stove, based on the amount of fuel used/remaining. It is likely that your data is so meager to be of no use.
  4. I believe failure to report a crime is in fact a crime in Washington. It is probably seldom used, more as a carrot and the stick with witnesses of murders
  5. People can certainly know how not to fall, and fall better than others. But the fact is falling on ice is a game of chance and luck, and to claim some skill is specious
  6. On my third try, I did the math correctly, and I concur with 72.8 feet
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