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Kurt injured?


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Late in the afternoon, he was quite chatty, and is remembering all kinds of random things. He's doing a little pain medicine, but not as much as he was. He said that his head hurt a bit sometimes, but they are doing a good job with keeping him comfortable. The nurse cautioned me about prompting him too much to remember things, and he answered a lot of questions and got most of the answers right. He also directed the conversation himself a lot, and that's the first time he seemed able to do that. He's responding to commands like "wiggle your toes" and thinks we ought to go ski Daniel some time.




Boy is definitely improving. thumbs_up.gif

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Here is a message i recieved from Linda Goldsworthy


OK, latest update will be short, but sweet. Kurt WALKED! OK, only a little bit, I understand just a step or two, and was totally supported etc, but still, he was on his feet. They had him in physical therapy, mostly seeing what he could do, lying down touching hands to feet etc. I saw him today and he actually cracked a joke. Sort of x rated, so I won’t repeat it. But there was a grin and some facial expressions that were totally Kurt. Still has memory problems, still doesn’t know who I am, yet knows John (my husband) and Audrey (my daughter). Go figure. I was told he sometimes knows people, and sometimes not. He was quite ‘talkative’ under the circumstances. Lots of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to questions. When he tries to say a sentence it is still a bit slurred and he is still stuck in that ‘looping’ thing, saying what he was saying at the scene of the accident, which he told me he remembers. He is smiling, seems in good spirits, and is gesturing a lot and moving his head, and legs. He is still in ICU-holding, but again, they may move him. I guess the issue is lack of beds. He’s got a helmet he apparently wears when moving, but I haven’t seen it. All in all, quite a turnaround from the other day.


Very good

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You know, cc.com is a tight nit group, and... this photo is a small tight nit group. It confirms all my fears after all: This photo must be the entire cc.com board, which means that all the other posts are just due to multiple avatars... I think several of you are just talking with yourselves! wazzup.gif

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Hey friends,


Another pretty big day for Kurt. He pulled his feeding tube out today (that's three days in a row) so the therapist did a 'swallow test' to see if he could instead have a regular liquid diet, AND HE PASSED. Right on!!!! So no more feeding tube.


Yesterday, I brought him a copy of the picture from Pub Club, and I asked him to read the sign in front of everyone. He said, 'Get Well Kurt'. This is a pretty big deal for a guy with a head injury. He read a little bit more today with his speech therapist, but he made a big revelation in the last day or so and can really just focus on that mainly. He still doesn't know where he is, but he knows he's hit his head and he has to recover from that. Unprompted, he said he knows he might have to do some different things outdoors for a while and that's okay. With this new awareness, he knows he is having to relearn things, but he's frustrated and his brain is working overtime. It's a huge advance, but it's a lot do deal with for him intellectually and emotionally. He gets overwhelmed by this at times. The great thing about it though is that he is learning he has limits and can tell you if you need to go and let him rest.


They have moved him into a more permanent room, just him, and with a view of Elliot Bay. I left an envelope by the window with some 8 x 10 headshots of people, with their names written on them. He has a really hard time with names, so if you want to add one, feel free. Make it a close-up shot with the face easily recognizeable. There is also a steno pad labeled 'Kurt's visitors' that you may write anything you wish in. It might be a handy way to track some of his progress.


Keep the candle lit for him.



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