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  1. hehe... ya, we wonder too... Hmm.... if we get to keep Alki Crab and Fish, maybe i can lobby for a climbing wall, yanno, since they was climber support and all Would make for some awesome photo ops... a trick climbing wall with city skyline in background
  2. hehehe... puget sound... underwater! flying along the most amazing rock walls you can imagine... weightless! but the club near me has a rock pinnacle, and despite my SO's indifference to diving, he has a passing curiosity in climbing so... coming to a cheesy little rock pinnacle near luna park cafe... thats where i'll be i knew the climbing crew would be a hard sell, since its not only a petition, but a petition with nothing to do about climbing, but... 25... all i need is 25 more (actually counting pen and paper sigs, we have maybe 1300 or so...) Enough to make City Council at least shift in their seats and look up from their twitter feeds when i make my heart felt appeal. LOL... maybe i best wear some Lady GAGA outfit
  3. we are petitioning to get the city of parks and recreation to reconsider their decision regarding the lease for Alki Crab and Fish Co. (they gave it to Marination) This is the fish and chips place that you see at the passenger ferry dock in west seattle that is always over-run by climbers. A bit like "Good food" or other random dirtbag climber hangouts (but better food) http://signon.org/sign/save-alki-fish-and-crab anyhow, sorry for the random post, and i know i have not been here forever.. but thats what spray is for, right?! (and yes, i actually do still climb, albeit in the gym but am totally lame, but i dragged my boyfriend into it, so thats good, right?)
  4. we call them deathsicles for a reason. They always seem like a great opportunity for target practice (the ice, not the dumb arse climbers)
  5. Since climbers are generally eco-friendly... though y'all might like to see this This is a video about Pacific Marine Research, Marine Science Afloat field trip!! I've been one of their 'underwater' diver scientists since 1991. They are a bit of a shoestring operation that has been around since 1985. This is an awesome promo video, they finally got some angel investor to donate money for a real production company to make a promotional video for them (the previous one was done in 1987 or thereabouts) Three cheers for PMR!!!!!
  6. click on your link... they are 39 bucks on that site now...
  7. Sounds fun, pub club celebrating summers last gasp... the evil twin and I will try to make it...
  8. There are indeed bio-absorbable materials being used in surgical repairs Used mostly in non-load bearing/torsional applications. They have been used in craniofacial surgery for some time. Good in peds where bone is still growing and solid plates cause some 'issues'. More and more are being used every day as the formulations get better and FDA approval opens up the market. Did a single level cervical fusion the other day with one of the neurosurgeons where we used bio-absorbable plate and screws. There are anchor systems in use now for rotator cuff and ACL repairs. So are they still using metal these days? I thought they now have screws that disolve over several years and are replace by bone as they disolve. Maybe they are not used for breaks?
  9. uh. I'm in dissent. Broken talus or calc can hose you big-time according to the doc's I work with. Get a good orthopedist who specializes in feet to at very least look at the x-ray. The talus is very important for angles and support in the foot. Kind of like the 'cornerstone' in a bridge.
  10. Welcome home Kurt! Welcome home Feck! Kurt! Feck... uh... both of you!
  11. w00t! Way to go Distel! Congrats!
  12. yeah, it's longer than you think to get in 40+min easy... and the cairn is not hard to miss. along the way you may see: piles of shotgun shells, a redneck stream with old TVs, dead microwaves etc.. in it. Also, I vaguely remember more than just one big culvert before the one with the cairn...
  13. maybe we can either move it to the following week, or have a SECOND one and make sure y'all who couldn't make it the first time get to join in the entertainment!!! this is awesome!!!!
  14. Awesome! thanks for posting the info!
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