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  1. Go-to Training Hikes

    When I lived in Everett, I used to lap Teneriffe's Kamikaze Falls. It's about 3.4 miles and 3700' gain one way. Just after my 37th birthday I did it 4 times in a row for nearly 15k' gain and 28 miles in about 10.5 hours. Not sure where else you can get that kind of gain that quickly, and it's an interesting hike.
  2. Perfectly captured in photos - thanks for bringing them to us.
  3. Cascade River Road open to it's end!!

    Should you update your blog to reflect that it's open? As of July 3rd, it still has a closure alert and says the road is gated at milepost 21.
  4. [TR] Davis Peak - South Ridge 6/3/2017

    Great photos as usual. I have been wondering what impact the fire had on that route. Your trip looks quite different than the one I did up there in January of 2010. I missed the view that time, so I went back up a few years later. Amazing viewpoint.
  5. Mt Baker - North Ridge Questions

    Agree with Kurt. This year is a different beast with the late spring and lots of snow still lingering up there (it probably got quite a bit last night). I'd give it another few weeks or so, then it'll resemble May conditions in normal years.
  6. Icy Peak summit info needed

    We climbed the SE summit which is the highest point on Icy Peak. It was really straight forward, blocky climbing with ample holds.
  7. Icy Peak summit info needed

    More info here. My notes (and memory) say a short section of 4th class. I remember it feeling very straightforward and secure.
  8. [TR] Dragontail - Triple Couloirs 4/23/2017

    Wow, that is fat. I don't think I've ever seen the runnels that stacked.
  9. The approach itself looks like a helluva practice run for J-Berg. That is a proud line. Way to pick another plum.
  10. [TR] Johannesberg - NE Rib 1951 8/26/2016

    Lunger, I'd climb it again.
  11. [TR] Johannesberg - NE Rib 1951 8/26/2016

    Blue collar is right. It feels like a different route every time I climb it. Is the summit register still up there?
  12. Strong work yet again from the Jedi masters of craptastic and vertical choss. I remember looking down on that face thinking "yikes".
  13. [TR] Mount Buckner - SW Slope 7/16/2016

    The Black Warrior Mine is located in upper Horseshoe Basin. You can still see the steel rails for the mine cars and some mining artifacts. Giant steel cables that used to hold the ski-lift style tram cars can be found linking the upper and lower basins. See here.
  14. Photos didn't turn out for me, but damn nice work. Sounds like a grand adventure.
  15. Price Glacier In Shape?

    These photos were taken June 9, 2013 from Nooksack Tower. It certainly looks climbable to me. I'm not sure what the fascination with that route is though, seems dangerous for what you get.