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  1. Just an idea. Contact the latin american airlines who fly into La Paz. Maybe you can find someone? Or maybe people who live in La Paz. It might add to the sample of people for your survey.
  2. Bush pilots to coast range

    think about the possibility of seaplanes....not just landing on icefields....lakes are a possibility for landing too...I am sure there are seaplanes in Squamish area....
  3. Great adventure! Yep, that campsite just north of the confluence of Bald Eagle and Baker River feels like you are at the beach!!! And not in the North Cascades!
  4. Bolts on Little Sister

    Bolting 5.4 routes in 'Merica! Gotta take dem techies on dem climbs because they pay $$$!
  5. Wow! I think this is the first time I have heard you write this: "Luckily Andreas was nice enough to slow down and hike with me." Amazing trip!!!!
  6. So this is where you have gone.....! Great on you!
  7. Marblemount Permit Wait Times

    There needs to be some sort of self issuing capability for X Country Zone Permits. So we don't have to wait for the rangers to be freed of all the damned questions the touristas ask.
  8. Wow. Even better to do it with your son! Awesome!!!!
  9. Perry Creek. Damn. What an entry and exit point. I been in dees mountains a lot and I don't ever want to go there. Damn.
  10. Great to see you temporarily stopped arthritis!!!
  11. found Found: Atlas Snowshoes

    I am trying to get the snowshoes to the rightful owners. Found a pair of Atlas Snowshoes amongst other things that were discarded and looked stolen on the side of the bike trail. I am trying to look for the owner. Please let me know what model and condition and the snowshoes are yours.
  12. [TR] West Fury - Mongo Ridge 07/05/2021

    Impressive detail. Impressive even more to climb that. Impressive even more to approach to the base!
  13. Alpine BUCKS

    I do not see deer above tree line. I always see deer on the road....on a paved road or a logging road.
  14. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    I never knew the lottery included XC Zones too. That is new to me. I thought it was just the Backcountry Zones that was applied to the lottery.
  15. Yeah. That is pretty much a badass trip. Well done!
  16. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    How did you get a permit for the XC zone at least one week in advance of the dates? The Park Service has told me I can't get a XC zone permit until the day before or the day of the trip. How did you do that?
  17. [TR] Whitehorse - Lone Tree Pass 05/22/2021

    I hope the young man is carrying the rope!
  18. [TR] Anderson - Eel Glacier 05/30/2021

    good times with the son!
  19. Thanks for sharing something remote! Sorry about the brand new ski breaking!
  20. That was a great write up on the route!
  21. I put it on my calendar to check on this thread in two years.
  22. Is there anything you two can't do? Paragliding in Kauai on a trip. Video is fricken awesome.