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  1. Who do you like? I am going with the obvious choice...../Spain Who is the dark horse ?
  2. Great pictures Steph. I bet you guys went loco on the summit bivy. good work.
  3. I am taking my daughters this weekend on our anual father daughter backpack trip. Bring fishing poles to a lake and it is really fun for the kids. Let them bring a book, coloring book or small game.
  4. Thanks. How many raps did you do? was there stations set up or did you have to make your own? thanks
  5. Yeah, I ended up just going up the south peak yesterday as my partner wussed out because he thought he might get misted on. I agree that axe was not necessary. The gully up to the east ridge did still look snow filled and from where I stood, I would have taken an axe but Max was there in the gully and I was not.
  6. Olympic mountain guide and Smoot both reccomend double rope raps. Has anybody done it with just a single?
  7. Thinking about heading in and doing the east ridge of north peak. Has anybody looked at the snow lately heading up to gain the east ridge. Should we bring axes?
  8. This mountain has really caught my eye since appearing on the cover a few years ago of the Olympic climbing guide. Does anybody have opinions on the best route, quality of rock, excellence of mountain experience and/or aproach/ general time notes. Is it a reasonable 2 day trip and does it have allot of 'bang for the buck'? thanks for any input.
  9. The beerman dashes in to sweep the mormon lass away for her dream summer of climbing. How special. ..... troll?
  10. Admitedly, I'm an Obama fan but come on... thats the best this country can come up with for a republican cantidate? He looks like a serial killer. Holy crap!
  11. chesterboo

    McCain speech

    Anybody see his speech? He looks fucking scary. Most Highschoolers could read a telepromt better than that. And how about the 250 peeps in attendance responding with their signs on cue?
  12. Let's see it people. Iron Maiden made some killer covers for sure!
  13. Paradise Theatre High Infidelity the cult Electric fleetwood mac rumors
  14. Oly, You will be fine. You will heal. Start getting your mind set ready to rehab and strengthen your body when the doc gives you the go ahead. Talk to some Physical therapists, find a good one near your house that you can go to when you get the cast off etc....Consider this fall a wash for climbing. Get it into your mind that this will not hold you back and set a goal of the first of the year you come back strong and with a purpose. You will succeed if you lay back, heal, and then come back strong. Good luck!!
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