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What's in your SUV?


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PU. come along, three sets of chain for hooking come along to if need be, nylon tow strap, hatchet, knife, saw, jack, C.W., burlap, two different dog chains and ropes, landing net for fishing, cheat stick for "sport climbing", extra ski poles to be used as the situation warrents, binos, sharpening stone, oil, fuel drying agent. This is the usual in my truck. List will vary for the seasons and where I am going.

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Current contents of van:




lots of red sand

coffee mug

tow hitch


2 cans spray insulation

wool blanket

a half-dozen books (mostly regional field guides--geology, history, plants, birds, etc.)

a bunch of maps and WA gazatteer

wood glue

sleeping bag

magic marker

antique but still functional draw knife

a plastic bag of honey locust seed pods

buck knife

folding wood "tobacco pipe"

couple water bottles, semi-chewed

various fire-starting implements

a dozen bungee cords

dog bowl

sleeping bag and pad

3 milk crates

2 propane wall mount light fixtures


duct tape

5 gallon bucket of dog food

ice scraper

plastic frog

snow shovel

50 feet 8 mm cord

a couple old retired biners

folding chair


camp stove

1 pound square head fast-tap wood screws

a 100 year old round of ponderosa with "Moonhowl Hill" and a coyote carved into it

5 gallon water jug

a letter to a woman that will probably never be mailed nor read

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wow tricky, you are stocked! and ready to be stoked, as well, noting one item in particular.... cool.gif


And you bring up another category I didn't think of: maps and references and other junk..


-field guide to birds

-road maps of WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, BC and Alberta


-Harry Majors's "Exploring Washington" (which really kicks ass, if you're a history buff or just like trivia, it's a gold mine. Image an Gazeteer with hundreds of notes on History, geology, towns, wildlife, etc for each map)

a bunch of 7.5 minute topo Quads

-half dozen old copies of Discover magazine, for browsing during unplanned downtime

-Nat Forest maps for Mt Bak Snoq, Okanogan, Gifford Pinchot, Wenatchee

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beer cans


seeds and stems

some misc climbing gear

old phone cards

5 coffee cups

some silverware

3 foam pads


2 banana peels

a ew apples cores


index guide book

some olds bolts

hand bar

gum (and extra wrappers)

4 or 5 2 litre water bottles

a lighter or 4

some clean clothes

some dirty clothes

tire chains

mag lite


a few books

umemployment papers


and i dunno...i havent been in the back seat for awhile!!


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