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  1. [TR] Thornton Peak - SE scramble 08/05/2018

    Fantastic photos and sounds like great time
  2. Interesting and good timing on the season as far as weather. In a nutshell how did the ankle injury occur? I have a pretty good idea how but wouldn’t mind hearing firsthand. TTT
  3. [TR] Coleman Pinnacle - West Ridge 02/10/2018

    Just amazing conditions and photos
  4. Found trekking poles on Adams: see climbers board post.
  5. Ideas for a highschool mountain climb

    Snowking might be good if road conditions are approachable, look at Ruth MTN up north. A bit of steep heather mid point but a low angle glacier near the summit.
  6. To make it easier we are combining links for Mt Rainier: Climbing blog (check out the posted weather links!): current climbing season updates Webcams below (best to view daylight hours without window reflection) Paradise facing down valley operation off/on check dates From Paradise facing mountain updated periodically Paradise Parking lot Weather Rainier weather Paradise telemetry: being updated. Muir telemetry: being updated. Rainier Climbing webpage(link to be updated later) MUIR SNOWFIELD MAP and bearings Road status
  7. [TR] Argonaut - NE Couloir + Colchuck 5/31/2014

    Nice write up and outing, looks like the Enchantments are in for these peaks right now. Note the rap that may need two ropes on this route down.
  8. Please, lets all find others to do what this board is about. If you want to spray do it in spray section. If you want to find partners to climb with this is the place. Pm me if you want otherwise. TTT
  9. Chad Kellogg gone

    RIP Chad. Big loss.
  10. Gib Ledge, Mt. Rainier - 1/26/2014

    Way to get you all, thanks for sharing (and cheating ..
  11. Ingraham Direct

    If its in it's a great route. Check with the rangers as the website hasn't been updated. Make sure you bring your helmet.
  12. Use the "upload" button to upload pics: I usually just close the upload window after uploading the pics, and then click the camera again and just click on the uploaded pictures to add them:
  13. Regarding the post above, can you cite a source? The article referred here talks about the accident only.
  14. [TR] Mt Rainier - D.C Route 9/27/2012

    Nice late season update, the Ingraham usually becomes unclimbable late June or so. You had great weather.
  15. Great read and what others already mentioned.
  16. Mt. Stuart Conditions

    Moving to the Alpine Lakes section
  17. [TR] Colchuck Peak - NE Couloir 6/6/2012

    This TR was originally posted in the N Cascades section so I moved it Alpine lakes..I thought I left a pointer in that section. The June TR contest Is on.
  18. [TR] MRNP - Gib ledges/ DC 5/27/2012

    Bringing the TR up to date.
  19. NOOB Questions: Disappointment Cleaver Late July

    Sounds like you're dialed in, maybe look at crevasse rescue practice on a two man team. Anchor placement and self rescue along with a double pulley extraction and practice prussik self extracation.
  20. Mt. Rainier Gear - What do you think?

    The SP article is great including training on going down--many accidents happen coming down and you use different muscles than while going up, which most train heavily. Another good point is the hydration and nutrition, eat/drink things that go down well because while up on the mountain it can be a chore and few things sound good. Beef jerky or something salty is good after a lot of exertion. Last point is the mountain creates it's own weather, it can be sunny and 70 in Seattle and crazy weather on Rainier as fronts seem to hit there first.
  21. Mt Rainier Rescue

    Hope for the best. Several years back two of my climbing partners teamed up with another group of two and made it down after 11days.
  22. Solo winter attempt of McKinley underway

    Wild stuff. Props to him doing the prudent thing.