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  1. Fucking Birds.........

    STFU you plunger-pumping jizz queen - philly's players suck saddle-bagged meat flappers
  2. Die

    twat-faced donkey humper
  3. Well, boys...

    WTF - Fiona Flaps beyotch, don't forget about Fiona Flaps, and Trish Fox. That bitch fucks like a street ho.
  4. Well, boys...

    I did the Willis Wall last Wed. It was a fun little outing.
  5. Well, boys...

    hahaha, we'll be sure to send his regards if we hear from him, you juicy mattress muncher.
  6. Well, boys...

    xenolith hasn't graced us with his presence in over a year, you dankish bat-fowling malt-worm.
  7. Well, boys...

    up yurs, ya felched-faced swampdonkey
  8. Underwear...

    Ya got that right sista. That there's one small lil bean.
  9. Drunk already

    hahaha it's friday, what else we got ta do?
  10. Drunk already

    oh oh, I'm feelin a swelling in my balls
  11. Drunk already

    now she's sitting in roark's lap rubbing his jonson
  12. Drunk already

    fuck, you should see the nipples on this beast!!!
  13. tales of useless help

    bullshit. we all know you'd been fucking her in the backseat before the accident. come clean, bitch
  14. tales of useless help

    that's par
  15. thread hijackers